Female travel Guide – Dealing with male backpackers


Sex and backpacking can be 2 activities that come hand in hand… I’m away for a year girls and guys, do I really need to be celibate?

In the past I’ve met some great guys and true gentlemen that in an ideal world I would have loved to carry on seeing but the globe pulls me in other directions…

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Boyfriend vs The World…

Unfortunately in my first month of backpacking round Asia this hasn’t been the case, backpackers come in many forms and the f*ckboy is a classic. A group of lads on the hunt for one thing, not interested in the beauty and culture surrounding them but just skirt chasing… We all know one …or a few!

After a few drinks I may have indulged in a kiss or two which on both occasions resulted in major f*ckboy dilemmas!

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Don’t be easy! ~ After a few too many at Easy Bar in Laos

Believe it or not a little kiss and some flowing conversation doesn’t mean you own me nor does it mean I want more than that!

There is nothing wrong with getting some action abroad but personally I’m a fussy gal who likes to be treated right – not shoved into bathroom stalls and being felt up without consent!

Yes this happened, luckily this particular night I was surrounded by friends that noticed the situation and helped me out but girls and guys- remember the power of NO. Use it when you like, how you like and don’t give in to something you will regret.

This particular boy didn’t like hearing no and attempted to use force instead, I was lucky the situation didn’t go further but I could have given in just because I kissed him earlier and thought I lead him on which many girls feel they have to!

I enjoyed dancing the rest of the night away with my friends and moved on but it’s opened my eyes to the dangers of not the just the countries I explore, the people that live there but also the fellow backpackers from home who forget their manners at the boarding gate.

Be safe wanderers and always remember to use your ‘NO.’

Happy travels. Little Lottie.X

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4 thoughts on “Female travel Guide – Dealing with male backpackers

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  2. GREAT topic- so important! Hope you’re okay and I’m glad your friends were with you. Stay safe xx

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    1. Thanks so much Chloe. Glad you liked the post! It’s so important right?! And something I never considered worrying about. You travel safely too! Xx

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