Female travel guide – Having sex in hostels


The ultimate question that bounces around drunken travelers chatting in bars around the world… is it okay to have sex in your hostel dorm? (Put your answer below.)  

The truth is when a bunch of young, excited and like minded travelers sleep in a confined space together, you’re bound to get chemistry under the covers at some point. 

Whether it’s that sexy French man you met at a bar in Prague or the gorgeous Danish model who swept you away at a pool party in Thailand, (I’m of course not talking about myself here…) wherever you do the deed, do it safely.

Right, now that ‘mum’ lecture is out they way let’s get onto it…

Honestly I think guys like it, some part of them is thrilled and turned on by the danger of being caught in the action. ‘Someone could walk in at any moment’ or ‘We might wake them up’  just isn’t that sexy to me. Sorry dude but calm down!

So what can you do when you’re caught up in the moment? You don’t want to wake up the pleasant German girl in the bunk below and you’re slightly concerned about Fred from London seeing your bare bum. If the dorm is empty and you go for it, that’s on you girl, but I wouldn’t want to be you on that awkward 4 hour bus ride tomorrow with a group of people that saw your sex face… no matter how great it is.

Option 1. The shower

All that beach body training you did before the trip wasn’t for your new bikini, it was for this moment! Option 1 never plays out like the hot steamy movie scenes but give it your best shot, the shower is a fun place to get comfortable with your new ‘friend’and it’s hygienic so there will be no sticking together when you snuggle afterwards… you’re gonna snuggle right?!

Option 2. The casual covers

If you’ve scored the bottom bunk, everyone is fast asleep or out partying the night away, you may be able to have a quickie in the dorm. A lot of hostels have curtains on bunks for sexy time privacy but if you’re in need of a hideaway you could always hang up the duvet or a towel. It will be darn obvious to anyone who walks in but at least they won’t have to see it… just hear it. *cringe


Option 3. The neglected room

A lot of hostels will have spaces that you can get creative with. I’m not saying do it on someone’s fresh panties but nobody will be hanging out in the laundry room at night and it’s bound to be cosy. Many hostels have rooftop terraces that will probably be neglected after dusk, go on, gaze at the stars and get it on!  P.s. Leave me a comment if you’ve ever got romantic under the stars, it will melt my black heart! 

Option 4. Get a room!

So I know I preach about budget travel and dorms being the best place to meet amazing people but on this occasion babe, treat yourself to a night of romance hot sex! You’ve been on the road for a while, mostly alone and private rooms in hostels are SO affordable, split the cost and have fun. You might marry this dude one day…



Any tactics that I’ve missed here wanderers? Let me know your tips and any funny stories in the comments, don’t be shy!

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6 thoughts on “Female travel guide – Having sex in hostels

  1. I really like this post it is something different!


  2. serenasbeachinglife December 28, 2016 — 1:54 pm

    This made me laugh so much as it’s exactly how I think! It’s all about being in the moment…like ending up at frat house parties in Europe with champagne and shots on the same table…not that I’ve done that ofc! Much love Lottie, love your writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah Serena! Your comment has made my day. That sounds like an insane night! Bet it was amazing. You’re so right about being in the moment, that’s when you have the best night… Or day, or morning! Big love and happy adventures xx


  3. Roving and Writing January 5, 2017 — 4:24 am

    Loved how honest this post was! It’s so true though, there are definite dynamics to consider when in heated situations like these. Modesty vs. Passion I guess hahaha. Chances are you’ll never see most the people in your dorm again, other than a quick awkward bout of eye contact at breakfast, so why not? x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading! Glad you enjoyed it! This is honestly what keeps me happy sometimes, if I get caught in my undies or something embarrassing happens I always remember this! X

      Liked by 1 person

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