Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Chiang Mai


A post on a Sunday… what’s going on?! It’s like old times!

I have to apologise for the lack of posts this past month. I’m almost 5 weeks into my amazing 12 month adventure around Asia and I’ve been swept up in the backpacking life but you’re still my number one babes!

To make up for it I’ve been working hard to up my game and more importantly my YouTube channel!

Yes, I’m making videos again so PLEASE help a girl out and press subscribe over there to support my journey and catch more cute videos like my day hanging out with elephants in Chiang Mai!

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North Thailand was my first stop this year and it was the only place I trusted to visit an elephant sanctuary. I did A LOT of research to ensure this was a real sanctuary with no riding and proper care for these amazing creatures. You know how fussy I am about these things, especially since going vegetarian!

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary was absolutely amazing. We had a brilliant day treating the gentle giants who’ve been rescued from the tourism industry to mud baths and lots of bananas! They seemed completely happy and healthy and this was an experience I will remember FOREVER!

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I hope you enjoy the vlog, the next installment will be coming very soon and who knows, if enough of you like and subscribe perhaps I will vlog weekly…

Big love, Little Lottie.X

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