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It’s always the best compliment to be nominated for an award by someone else that shares your passion, especially on the big wide web when many adventurous souls dream of living the life of travel! I’m incredibly grateful to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award 2017! Being recognised drives me to keep bringing you content and passing on tales of my adventures. Sometimes the dream seems unreachable but times like these make every second at my laptop worth it!

This wouldn’t have happened without the kind soul Katie, the amazing traveler behind Travelling Katiebug who nominated me for this award. Katie’s posts are full of awesome travel tips and perfect advice for anyone venturing down-under, to the land of Aus! Her adventures around the huge land of surfers and wildlife provide drool worthy shots and amazing stories ~ Show her some love!


The Versatile Blogger Award is an award given by bloggers to other up-and-coming bloggers. It is designed to encourage new bloggers to keep up the good work, and help people to discover new blogs. It may kinda sound like we are all just patting each other on the back out here in blogger world, but there are some criteria for selection! When nominating someone for a Versatile Blogger Award, you must consider:

  • the quality of the writing;
  • the uniqueness of the subjects covered;
  • the ‘level of love’ displayed in the person’s writing; and
  • the quality of the photographs.


There are a couple of rules for the Versatile Blogger Award. You must:

  • display the award on your website;
  • thank the person who nominated you and share a link to their blog;
  • share seven facts about yourself; and
  • nominate up to 10 other bloggers for the award.


  1. How I started traveling: The question I’m asked most is how I afford long term travel. I’ve answered this quite bluntly in this post but in short, I was in a long term relationship heading towards the road of marriage and searching for a home. I quickly realised that was further from my travel dream than anything so I left it all behind, took my house deposit and now I’m using all my savings to travel! 
  2. I prefer solo travel: Without sounding like a complete loner I love solo adventures! You meet more people than you would when isolated in a group and make a ton of friends so you’re never really alone! You also have the freedom to roam where you please ~ have I convinced you yet?
  3. I’m from the SMALLEST place: Maybe this was a contributing factor to my wanderlust but I’m from a very small place. When other backpackers find out I’m English NONE of them have ever heard of my home and always ask ‘how far from London?’ ~ About 8 hours South actually, as far south as you can get! It’s very beautiful but doesn’t feel like my home these days. #nomad
  4. I’m a bad Vegan but a great Vegetarian: About a year ago I made the decision to go vegan and documented it here on the blog. As many of you know I absolutely LOVE this lifestyle and have never felt better! The only thing is, who needs a label?! Life’s too short for that so sometimes I delve into an egg. Despite breaking the ‘vegan’ rules I never eat dairy or meat so I’m a very well behaved veggie!
  5. I’m actually a mermaid: Shhhh, this might be my biggest secret ever revealed but you read correctly, they do exist! As much as I’d love to be a sexy, shell wearing fish lady I actually just love the water. Swimming, snorkeling, surfing ~ I’m not fussy just get me in there! Image may contain: one or more people, tree, plant, outdoor, nature and water
  6. My favorite food on the road: Right now I’m spending 12 months in Asia and hands down my go to food here is a banana shake! Sometime I even have 3 a day which other backpackers find hilarious but I can’t get enough of them!
  7. My biggest fear: My biggest fear is being trapped ~ we’re getting deep here!  Not only physically but also not being able to move around the world as I’ve been doing so freely! I hate the thought of living without discovering the adventures to be had all over the globe! Maybe I will settle one day…



Here are the nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check them out and share the love!

  • The Wandering Broski– Michael shares my love of Asia and has provided me with so much inspiration and tips for my journey! I’m hooked to his posts and I know you will be too! Check him out for a boys account of solo travel!
  • From Dream to Plan – This lovely Italian girl left everything behind for a life in a new exciting City! Her brave move has provided so many tips for my adventures around Europe and she brings them to life with her amazing shots. Check her out and show her some love!
  • The Student Traveler – Brooke visits some amazing locations and her maps and tips have provided me with the best incites into my future destinations. Her writing is fun and full of personality.Give her some love!
  • ISTUMBL – Ryan is beyond talented! His Instagram is off the hook and he is a great support for me and my adventures. His shots are articles are so inspiring and he really works hard at his dream.
  • Lost in Pretty Europe – Pooja is originally from Nepal but these days is based all over! She brings amazing shots and stories from her adventures around beautiful cities and her tips are fabulous. She is so supportive of my journey and deserves lots of love back!

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