What I learnt travelling solo to the most romantic cities in the world

“You don’t need a partner in crime to have a good time”


Reflecting on my recent Europe backpacking trip and retelling the stories and adventures to family and friends made me realise, I managed to pick the most flipping romantic cities on the map. Notorious for candle lit dinners and red wine, winding canals and proposal spots galore.

So what did venturing to the likes of Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Venice, Florence, Rome and Paris teach me? Did I feel lonely? Drown my sorrows in alcohol? Make drunk phone calls to my ex? Hashtag foreveralone on all my Instagram shots? Not quite…

1/ I make myself incredibly happy.

There was one day in Venice that I recall the most fondly, that was the only day of the entire 17 days that I spent completely on my own. I don’t even care how sad that sounds… Sharing a hostel dorm is incredible, I would 99.9% of the time choose it over a private room (unless it was a 5* hotel on offer..). Sharing your personal space with several other people means making great friends but everyone needs a little me time, am I right?

After a Prosecco fueled night of stupid decisions, I got my act sh*t together, showered and hopped on the first boat I could catch to Burano, a small island an hour from Piazza San Marco on the main island. I wandered the colourful streets, crossed a rickety wooden bridge to the island next door and stumbled across an old vineyard where I spent 5 hours lazing in the sun surrounds by vines, pink roses and cute little lizards that occasionally scuttled into view. I would occasionally laugh to myself and smile ear to ear with the disbelief of just how stunning my surroundings where. Then I took a TON of selfies…

I took charge of my life last year. I changed things that I didn’t like and worked on ME. I researched where to travel and that sunning morning in Venice I woke up and made the decision MYSELF to go where I wanted.

I don’t know many other souls that would have enjoyed lazing on an old cart in a vineyard alone in Italy for 5 hours but I knew that day was one I’d never forget and being selfish felt SO amazing. (Look out for the vlog from this day)

2/ Love on the road is INTENSE

I’ve been single for 17 months. Before that I was engaged to my childhood sweetheart, fully committed to our 5 year relationship and shopping for a home.

What went wrong right? Find out in this post.

I don’t actively seek a new relationship like Taylor Swift on heat because it isn’t what I want out of life right now but I can tell you with confidence that I’ve never met a man I get along with as well as those I meet on the road.

Prosecco for 1? – Venice

I come from a small town where very few potential partners share the same ambition as me. The few ‘special someones’ I’ve met whilst travelling (yes, sex happens whilst travelling, no biggie) have been so compatible with me that if we were in different circumstances I can imagine dating them long term.

Let’s hope they aren’t reading this right now…

Keeping myself warm…

With travelling comes the lows of waving goodbye to the amazing souls you connect with all over the world. Whether it be your dorm buddies, the girl you met over cocktail buckets on the beach or the guy you woke up next to this morning ~ no judging here ladies. For some reason whilst you’re away those connections seem SO much more intense because it’s not just a one night stand or a casual visit to a famous temple it’s an amazing adventure filled with the best memories you will ever make! The odd email never goes amiss though… #stayclassy

3/ It’s better to be alone than unhappy.

Yes, it may be nerve-wracking hopping on a plane to a foreign land and chatting to strangers but before you know it you will be striding like a badass through the streets of your destination and sharing your toothbrush with your bunk buddy… maybe don’t go that far. 

You don’t need a partner in crime to have a good time… this should definitely be a quote.



Choosing a course for your life is a big decision – no pressure babe. I’ve chosen to ditch my management career and spend my twenties on the road. I know those are the memories are going to stay with me forever, I certainly wouldn’t think fondly of hours in the office 10 years down the line.

If you would, then you go girl/guy, do you and crush it!

But whatever you decide to do with your precious moments, your youth, your PRIME, don’t let anyone ruin it for you! I feel like I’m getting deep here but so many of my girlfriends have told me about their partners making them feel sh*tty. ENOUGH! Don’t share yourself with anyone less than awesome and amazing. Make these memories the happiest of your life, especially those on the road – you may only be at the Taj Mahal once babe.

Trevi Fountain ~ Rome
Wandering the Venetian canals

The one reason I wish I had a boyfriend to share my travels with? To get good Instagram shots obviously!



Who’s still with me? Comment down below if you made it this far, BIG LOVE! Join the wanderer tribe for more from me >

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9 thoughts on “What I learnt travelling solo to the most romantic cities in the world

  1. Lovely photos and great way to learn about yourself! Hostels sound fun – I mostly travel with my boyfriend and we stay at airbnbs, but your way of traveling sounds exciting too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoyed the post (and my snaps). Hostels are so much fun, I did meet quite a few couples who booked private rooms, then you still get the benefit of meeting everyone in the common/kitchen areas but get some peace and privacy at night too. Airbnb is awesome though. Happy Travels! X


  2. Traveling alone is not my thing really, I get your idea of having a great time alone, I like spending time alone at home but when i’m out I like going out with friends or my husband.
    Traveling alone is not my cup of tea.
    Thanks for sharing girl, keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s definitely not for everyone Aseel but even having time for yourself at home is a lovely way to appreciate yourself. Thank you for reading the post, glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully see you back here soon 🙂


  4. How awesome. I seriously loved doing it for myself going to Mexico. Yes it was scary but Oh man it was the best time I’ve had in many years. Jocelyne @resonatecreations.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mexico is a more ambitious place to venture to alone but I bet you have the most amazing memories from your trip! I’m very envious and would love to explore there, especially the ruins and caves. So glad you share my passion for solo adventures. Happy Travels. X


  5. Absolutely love this! I’m a huge fan of solo travel!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay Erin! I’m so glad you share my passion for it and enjoyed the post. I really loved writing this one. Where was your last lone adventure? x


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