Travel Tuesday – Staying in an award winning hostel


If a hotel wins an award it’s usually because they have luxury spas, talented chefs and extremely comfortable rooms. But what makes a hostel award winning? 

Hostels are backpackers havens for meeting fellow travelers and basically having a bed to sleep in, they don’t usually ask for much more than that. That’s where ‘Hoscar’ (the hostel oscars) winners like EastSeven Hostel in Berlin up their game. The rooms aren’t luxurious but still extremely comfortable and warm, the food on offer at breakfast isn’t cooked by chefs but it’s pretty darn tasty (chocolate spread on toast… YES please) and they may not have a spa but they have a kick ass lounge area that’s awesome for meeting other adventurers. 

Nik and the rest of the team go out of their way to help you, nothing is ever too much. And when they aren’t there to say it in person they have left the most thoughtful touches around the hostel. 


After my first night at EastSeven I was lounging on the sofa in my PJs and making cups of tea as if I was at home, that’s what a hostel should be, a home away from home.

Their secret? A hella’ good kitchen.

The kitchen shelves are equipped with free food items for everyone such as spices, teabags and flour with plenty of space for you to store your own food in a designated box too. The French family staying in the hostel would send scents of tomato pasta dishes and homecooked goods all over the lower floor and all the guests would constantly offer each other the left overs. Hostels without a kitchen often lack this family feel that made me feel so at home in EastSeven.


The location of the hostel is extremely convenient. Just a 2 minute walk from a metro stop on line U2 which also runs past the main sites and attractions in the City. The metro in Berlin is 24/7 so you can always get back to the hostel and let yourself in with a key code in the early hours. They even put together a YouTube video to show you exactly how to get there which was incredibly useful! There are also plenty of amazing bars and restaurants around EastSeven that are worth a try.

Impala across the road serves amazing breakfast smoothies and juices as well as incredible soups and fresh bread. I HIGHLY recommend the Memory Cafe (Cafe Gong Gang) for killer Asian food.  The Korean menu has plenty of choice and awesome desserts too. It’s directly next door to EastSeven and each table has a huge amount of lego to mess around with whilst you await your delicious food. I ordered the vegetable Bibimbap with tofu which was incredible. A simple rice dish topped with different vegetables and a sweet chili sauce.

Pumpkin soup at Impala

My fondest memory of my time at EastSeven Hostel was undeniably my last night here, spent wandering the area with a new friend who had me smiling ear to ear, we enjoyed far too many cups of peppermint tea than considered normal and stayed up chatting until the small hours. He knows who he is. That of course is the con of travel, meeting incredible people for brief fleeting moments and having just a memory to show for it.

Go make memories wanderers, and if you’re ever in Berlin, make yourself home at EastSeven Hostel, it’s rather wonderful.


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