Next Destination Reveal – One way ticket where?!

The Petite Passenger is finally grabbing her passport again because guess what …


In a mere 60 days time the wait is finally over and I cannot wait to share the destination list for 2019 with you because it’s going to be BIGGER and better than ever!


It’s been a challenging 18 months in England and to be honest, I never really adjusted to life back at home again, although spending quality time with my family has been priceless. 2016 introduced me to this lifestyle that has changed me forever, dreams of a successful career and luxurious home have been a distant memory ever since my first solo backpacking trip to Thailand. *cough, cough … what a cliche..

Spending the entire following year on the road venturing to India, The Philippines and exploring as much of Asia’s rich culture as possible with nothing more than a camera and a backpack was an experience that I will never be able to put into words.

I came home for New Year 2018, but 2 years on the road wasn’t enough to satisfy my insatiable thirst for adventure. What was stopping me leaving? Well … I tripped and fell in love. It’s true what they say, it happens when you least expect it. (read about my romance here.)

We have tested the water, backpacked across Morocco and Greece and spent 18 months in each others pockets to see if we can stand the test of travelling as a couple and my dreams of taking him by the hand and travelling from one amazing country to the next together with no end date in sight is finally happening! Sharing my travels with someone long term is a new kind of adventure for me and I honestly cannot wait to show this amazing world to my best friend, and slightly pity him for having to put up with me 24/7 for at least 6 months on the road! 


The laid back islands of Asia are being exchanged for the lively, vibrant streets of South America as we embark on 6 months of jungles, mountains, beaches and plenty of drugs red wine!

The continent is rumoured to be dangerous, but you can’t deny the beauty and diversity of this paradise! Where else could be home to the place where life began (Galapagos Islands), the most incredible Rainforest, jungle and river (The Amazon) and ancient cities in the clouds (Machu Picchu). If fear is stopping you from booking that ticket then I hope my tales of tropic beaches and wildlife sightings will send you straight to the airport.

7 Countries … 70 tequilas?

SA Route

Our plan lands us in the bustle of Colombia this September. Kicking it off in Bogota and heading towards the deserts and Caribbean coastline of this amazing Country.

Then a splurge visit to the Galapagos Islands and other beauties of Ecuador will introduce us to some of the largest and oldest tortoise in the world.

Peru will show us ancient cities in the sky and a glimpse into life at high altitude.

Bolivia will be a slightly flatter affair whilst we venture onto the most famous salt flats in the world and let our feet recover from the long days of trekking in Peru.

We will be spending out first Christmas away from home in Chile – I’m picturing a romantic, snowy log cabin in the Andes mountains.

After celebrating the festivities it’s time to put our walking boots back on and tackle Argentina and the many steep hikes that wait for us.

Finishing in Brazil, just in time for February Carnival season!


Sound great? Perfect, because you can come with me! We will be creating content from blog posts, videos and of course Instagram shots to die for so stay tuned and brace yourself for the next epic chapter!

Have you been to South America or traveled as a couple before?

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4 thoughts on “Next Destination Reveal – One way ticket where?!

  1. Sounds exciting! I will be watching out for photos and updates 😀


    1. Thank you so much lovely lady! Amazing to hear from you and hope you’re well. Xx


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