Friday Flyday – 5 unreal places to stay in South America

When travellers think of luxury holiday destinations the lively latin streets of South America are often cast aside in favour of tropic islands and floating resorts, UNTIL NOW! 

In my research for our upcoming South America trip I came across these beautiful temporary homes that I just HAD to share with you. Get ready because these epic locations are about to give you serious wanderlust!

1 // Bethel Bio Luxury Hotel – Colombia

Deep in the scorching Tatacoa Desert in Colombia hides an Oasis that you’d think was just a mirage, this paradise is like something out of a dream! A refreshing dip in the pool will be enough to convert you to desert life for good and the magic doesn’t end when the sun goes down as this hot-spot has some of the best stargazing in the entire continent.

Order a floating breakfast poolside or stay out all night in one of their hammocks – you will feel much differently about booking that beach escape when you stay here.

Image may contain: bedroom and indoor

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
Image: Bethel Bio Facebook

2 // Correntoso Lake & River Hotel – Argentina

From the heat of the desert to the frozen lakes of Argentina. Surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Los Andes mountains, staying here will make you question why you ever considered another beach holiday! Lakeside red wine and spa treatments with THAT view are guaranteed to steal your heart and transport you to a dreamy white wonderland. Each hotel room is fitted with an extra large window so you never have to miss out on this unreal location.

Image may contain: table, indoor and outdoor

Images: Correntoso Website

3 // San Juan Beach, Tayrona National Park – Colombia

Probably one of the most iconic beaches in the entire country of Colombia, this Caribbean coastline is a 2 hour hike through the jungle of Tayrona National Park but the reward is PRICELESS! San Juan Beach or split beach (due to its mirror image) is the most affordable spot on this list, with viewpoint hammocks going for £8/$10! There are only 16 of them atop this scenic rock so you have to walk fast and beat the other tourists for the ultimate night under the stars.

Image result for tayrona national park colombia

Image result for tayrona national park colombia

4 // La Selva Amazon Lodge – Ecuador

If you want to visit the Amazon but are a little cautious of the creatures that may greet you in your jungle home then take refuge in the luxury of La Selva Amazon Lodge! Ever pictured getting a relaxing massage next to the wildlife of the infamous Amazon River or eating your dinner in the company of some jealous local tree-dwellers?! This place has adventure plastered all over it … with the addition of some spa fluffy slippers.

5 // Kachi Lodge – Bolivia

I may have saved the best till last here – I will let you decide. Bolivia isn’t quite as popular as it’s neighbour Peru but is high on most travellers bucket lists due to the immense Uyuni Salt Flats. When wet that miles and miles of salt turn into a stunning mirror and reflect the view of the sky above and the surrounding mountains. When dry the salt flats are just as attractive, forming huge white hexagons that cover the land as far as the eye can see. Kachi Lodge has captured the landscape perfectly with its stunning state of the art huts with a view to kill.

Image may contain: bedroom
Image: Amazing Escapes Facebook Page



Let me know what you think of this post – I’m seriously considering making Friday Flyday a series! 

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