The India Diaries, Chapter 3 – Mountain Roads

india 3


Jounrey from Rishikesh to Manali

I’m between stars. The sky is Crystal littered in India tonight. I see belts of them, above me constellations of fire balls in unexplained places and below me the streets of big cities, stretching in patterns on the grounds of this foreign land whilst I wind through the mountains to my next destination.

It turns my mind to other nights and other stars I have seen on this journey. Stars in the ocean whilst swimming with friends on Cambodian islands, lighting up the small creatures who call it home.
Stars of the city I made a home in, zooming past from the tallest sky bar in the world.
Stars through the mountain villages of northern lands, the only light visible for miles, lighting up my eyes with the reality of the isolation I’d found among rice fields.
And most of all, the stars in the people I’ve met, colliding with mine and making explosions in my life. Each leaving their own location in the map of my skies.
Are they looking at this beautiful clarity in the night too? Am I on their map?


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