India Diaries, Chapter 4 – The Himalayas

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The road to Leh.

The road was unforgiving. Our bodies has been thrown about in every direction for close to 8 hours and I wandered how we’d make the remaining 7 before arriving to our destination.

There’s something about an unexplored path which draws us in, the restless souls, always searching for a new story to tell.

But it was here and I knew the end of this extreme road was something beyond what I’d known. The pictures my mind stored of distant lands stamped on the pages of my passport thus far didn’t compare to the surroundings greeting my vision now.

The untouched peaks of the Himalayas were surrounding me. Clouds hugged their stunning white tips and glistened against the blue sky. Hours later our terrain worsened but with it bought a whole new world. Desert-like golden sand banks and hills rolled on as far as the eye could see. It was the beginning of the highest road on the earth.

We climbed and climbed until 17,500 feet was displayed on painted rocks outside. Women served hot tea to weary truckers and adrenaline seeking bikers whilst we were exhilarated purely from survival. Our bus driver swerved fearlessly around other large vehicles who sped along the narrow dirt tracks and we tried to tear our eyes from the sheer vertical drops that braced our tyres.

A river of the purest blue icey glacier water flowed beneath our path, inviting life everywhere. Wild horses grazed next to furry yaks and dogs happily bounced in the expanse of land they were lucky to call home.


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