10 essential experiences you MUST do in South America

If you’re looking at Instagram and thinking the things most people ask us, “why would you travel to South America … Isn’t it dangerous?”  then this post is for you! This incredible part of the world has more depth than what you’ve seen on Netflix or a quick visit to Machu Picchu. If you’re wandering where your next destination should be then here are ten impressive reasons to put South America on your bucket list, right now.

If you’re planning to visit South America and want more information, read the full article on Magnificent World, with tips on food, accommodation and more incredible experiences. 

1/ Visit the Beautiful Galapagos Islands

There is nowhere else on Earth like the Galapagos Islands. 600 miles from land, it’s still a mystery how such large and strange creatures came to the isolated islands but the ocean is filled with life and it’s a truly mind blowing land that you must experience once.

Galapagos Islands

2/ Drinking coffee in Colombia

Funnily enough, Colombians don’t drink much coffee … because they export the best beans to the rest of the world. Staying in the coffee region in Colombia is essential to understand the hard work that goes into each cup and appreciate your morning cuppa even more.


3/ Visit the Amazon Basin

This isn’t something I’d usually promote as the Amazon is disappearing FAST. We chose to visit in Ecuador as their government recently agreed to stop mining in the forest for oil and the wildlife is now more healthy and abundant there than anywhere else in the Amazon Basin. Tourism means the local tribes can continue to live in the rainforest and the money made from visitors gives the government a reason to stop mining and deforestation. I highly recommend the Caiman Lodge in Cuyabeno, Ecuador.

The Amazon

4/ Hiking in Peru

Peru is the most diverse country, you can be in snowy mountains one day and a golden desert the next. Huaraz in Peru has some incredibly beautiful hikes to high altitude lakes that will bring you to tears with their beauty. It’s not an easy hike at 4,600 meters altitude though!

Huaraz Laguna 69

5/ Venture to Patagonia

On the theme of hiking, Patagonia is a must visit whilst in South America and worth the effort it takes to travel to the far South of the world. From mountains, glaciers and arctic penguins, Patagonia is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Read my guide to traveling Patagonia here.


6/ Wine tasting in Argentina

It’s rumoured that Argentina makes the best Malbec in the world. For a small price you can rent bicycles and visit the beautiful vineyards for yourself around the Andes wine regions. Mendoza is a great City for beautiful bike rides under the shade of miles of endless grape vines.

Wine tasting Argentina

7/ Discover the Inca history

South America has the most fascinating history. The Inca people were astronomers who studied the stars long before telescopes and built ancient sites like Machu Picchu and Ollyantaytambo. Peru has some incredible ancient Inca sites so you can geek out on who created your favourite Instagram back-drop.

machu Picchu

8/ Stay in a salt hotel in Bolivia

Give the famous Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia more than one day and enjoy an overnight stay at a hotel made entirely from salt. You can even see volcanoes, flamingos and relax in some hot springs whilst exploring the vast desert of salt. Make sure you bring your sunglasses!

Uyuni Salt Flats Bolivia

9/ Take a roadtrip across the Atacama Desert

In North Chile you can experience a desert that meets the ocean and the landscape of the Atacama is truly unique for that reason. From beaches and lakes to giant sculptures in the middle of nowhere, you’re bound to come across plenty of beauty on your way.

Atacama Desert

10/ Celebrate Carnival in Brazil

Every February the vibrant country of Brazil explodes with music and colour for their annual Carnival. With a tropical backdrop of turquoise ocean and green hills, this has to be the best party in the world. Rio is famous for having the biggest celebration, or you can keep it local and enjoy the atmosphere in a smaller town, everyone celebrates here.



Have you been to South America or have you heard of these places before? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch the adventure everyday on Instagram.


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