How to get amazing Instagram photos with nobody else in them

Today I wanted to talk to you about the perfect Instagram shots. I’ve been working pretty hard behind the scenes to improve my photography and editing skills before we leave for South America in 20 days (ahh, so soon!) and I wanted to share some tips I’ve learnt from the pros and how I got my awesome memories without the company of 37,897 randoms!

(Side note: I would LOVE for you to head over to my Insta and follow my everyday adventures through South America. Big LOVE!)

Rise and shine

I’m not talking about Photoshop, my feed isn’t a fake-it-till-you-make-it type, plus I would never lie to your beautiful face about a destination and have all your hopes smashed if you arrived to huge crowds so the honest truth is coming … Set that alarm EARLY.

If there is anything that I have learnt from pro-instagrammers it is that they hit the sites hella early, I’m talking 4.30am alarms and getting in front of that magnificent site by sunrise to beat the crowds.

This is a tip I have used MANY times around the world, from Iceland to Bali this has saved me. Especially for my beautiful memories at the Taj Mahal where I arrived at 5am and was first in line. Also in The Philippines at the famous Kawasan Falls.

Taj 3

Taj 1twirling round tajTAJ 5

blog dp

Or have a lie in …

So, I know what I just said which is totally applicable to most natural sites and attractions but sometimes spots with limited opening times can get a little crazy first thing in the morning.

When I arrived at The White Temple in North Thailand 30 minutes before opening the line was already massive so I went off exploring for the day and came back 10 minutes before closing. The guard was kind enough to let us in for a rather quick look around and there was a man on a loud-speaker telling me to keep moving but we enjoyed a TOTALLY empty temple and took away some beautiful memories.


white temple frontmewhite temple 1white temple front

Get a different perspective

Another hugely famous place is Kelingking Beach or T-Rex rock on Nusa Penida island in Indonesia. I had dreamt about visiting this place for SO LONG so when I was at the top of the cliffs I couldn’t believe I was really standing there and it took my breath away.

Of course I did the famous picture that you see on Instagram with the cliff view (still not over how beautiful it is) but nobody was brave enough to do the full hike down to the beach so my friend and I took on the challenge. It isn’t for the faint-hearted, there are some sketchy rope ladders and bamboo steps on the way down but we had the entire beach to ourselves! Worth every step.

I also use this technique to get away from the crowds like in the Taj pictures – when the front got busy, we went to the back and it was empty!


Get off the beaten track

Another way to get solo shots? Don’t go where others go! The world is a BIG place and there is room for all of us to get the perfect shot so try and find your own secret paradise, and then don’t share it with everyone like I’m about to!

Most backpackers heading to Indonesia will start in Bali and visit the famous Gili islands (Gili Air, Gili T and Gili Meno) but little do they know there are tiny slices of heaven ALL around Bali. I met a lovely bunch of girls in my hostel on Lombok and we hired a private boat (incredibly cheap split between 5 of us) to explore the ‘secret Gilis’. Gili Kedes, Gili Sudak and Gili Gede were basically empty and untouched compared to the main islands and had the most amazing snorkelling spots.


I hope you enjoyed my photos! Do you have any tips for getting amazing travel shots?


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