Weird Sex Bans Around the World That Will Shock You

As you’ve all gathered by now, I like to talk openly about sex and this is a judgement free site so hop on board and join me! Its 2019 – what does taboo even mean anymore, right?! … Thank you 50 Shades!

Unfortunately there are numerous countries around the world that don’t quite jump on my ‘free-love’ wagon and it’s important to know about the rules in other cultures before you get arrested in Thailand for carrying your favourite pink dildo in your luggage … Keep reading to get clued-up on some pretty shocking sex bans around the world.

*Thanks to Carvaka Adult Toys for supplying the research and graphics for this post*

Random Sex Bans

From a strip ban in Iceland (I don’t blame them, it’s too darn cold) to a lace ban in Russia, these countries have some pretty strict ideas which are miles away from Western culture. Lets consider ourselves lucky for all this freedom!

Sex Bans

Countries which haven’t caught up yet

Whilst visiting Morocco in October, my partner and I met a beautiful gay couple. Their love was so inspiring and we travelled with them for 7 days, getting excited each time that we were in private so they could finally be close with each other. We had to pretend they were brothers not life partners and it was so sad to see them have to hide their wonderful relationship.

Unfortunately many countries around the world would punish them violently for loving each other, it saddens me that the entire world can’t embrace humans for what they are… humans!  However, they had accepted this and knew the reality of hiding from other cultures, in fact, it is something they checked whenever they travelled anywhere.

It’s worth researching a countries belief and respecting that during your stay, for your own safety.


Use your hands here …

Unfortunately your honeymoon in the Maldives is going to have to be a hands-only trip because sex toys are illegal in these 8 countries … Did airport security mention anything about a handcuff ban? 😉

Sex toy bans

Now that you’re armed and ready you can find your new best friend at Carvaka and have TONS of fun … in your own bed 😉

*This post was not sponsored. Simply a partnership with a brand I love. 


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