The online health trend of 2019 – Can you get healthy through a screen?

So it’s January, and that usually means people start putting thier health first. The “New Year, New Me” message is everywhere and every single shop and brand gives us a constant reminder of how much chocolate and alcohol we consumed over the festive season.


Maybe you’re a detox fan, maybe you’re a gym addict or you’re drinking some magical water with lemon and ginger that promises to shrink your waist without any effort at all…

There’s one thing that I’ve learnt for sure, you can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mind and looking after one whilst neglecting the other isn’t a great way to kick off 2019!

I had the pleasure of being reminded of this by my beautiful yoga instructor from Indonesia. I was addicted to Sofia’s classes whilst I jumped around her homeland for 6 weeks. Luckily for me, I now get to share her wonderful affect on my life through her brand new Cleanse programme!

So from wherever you are in the world you can invest in your wellbeing. Here is what Sofia has to say about her programme;


Hey guys, 

I’m a Health Coach and a Holistic Nutritionist. I have amazing news to share – I’m launching my first Cleanse of the New Year, and you’re invited! If you would like to participate in a program that gives you the opportunity to;

• Have more energy and mental clarity
• Shed toxins (and maybe a few pounds)
• Feeling lighter and cleaner
• Reducing and eliminating food craving
• Deeper sleep and clearer skin
• Improved digestion
• Happier mood
….then this Cleanse is for you!
For only $99!

I am here to share my knowledge, skills set, support and advice to help you achieve maximum success in 14 days.

During this 14 days experience, you’ll be connecting with me to do a gentle reset for your body and mind.

Start the new year building up a nourishing habit for your body and mind and I’m here to help! I urge you to reserve your spot today.

For registration;

To healthy Living! – @livinghealthywithsofia


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