Inspiring traveller interview: The challenges of a travelling couple – Wandering Northerners

Don’t call me a traitor! As much as I’m a solo traveller, these gorgeous Instagram couples exploring the world together pluck at my heart strings more than I show. I caught up with The Wandering Northerners to find out if adventures together are really as sweet as they seem, or is it just another Instagram filter working its magic? 
These love birds have got some exciting plans ahead and an incredible history of explorations around the globe. They took some time out of beach life on the Gili islands (people after my own heart) to answer my questions about life as a travelling duo. Enjoy today’s traveller spotlight! 

Travel comes first for most adventurers. How did you decide to leave everything at home and explore the world together?

Within the first few weeks of being together it was on our minds. We were both in our last year at university and didn’t really know what what we wanted to do after we finished. We came to realise that it was all we ever talked about, so after one too many gins we decided to book our ticket out of England.

Do you prefer to be social in hostels or keep to yourselves whilst on the road?

As we are on a budget we just go for the cheapest, so it does tend to be hostels most of the time. We have met some very good friends whist staying in hostels but as couple the reception you get is kind of mixed. It is quite intimidating when you first arrive and everyone is in their groups and sometimes it feels like they are thinking “they have got each other so that’s ok”. So sometimes it takes a little bit longer to get to know people.
After a week or two in dorms you definitely feel like you need your own space! So we try to throw in an Airbnb or private room from time to time even if its a little pricier!

What inspired you to start a joint Instagram and who are your idols on the platform? 

We were in our room in Florence when we started it. We’d been travelling for a couple of weeks and had enjoyed taking pictures, we thought it would be a fun project to do while we were away. We do try and do our own thing at the minute but we are really liking @thewanderlovers. We have also been able to connect with all sorts for people from across the world, it is such a great community.

Is it hard being together 24/7 – how do you find space whilst travelling? 

We are not going to lie to you, there have been times when it has got really hard. Most of the time it is a situation were something has gone wrong that is out of our control and the only thing you can do is take it out on the other person.
There was a point in Vietnam where it seemed nothing we going our way, it seemed we were arguing everyday and that came to a head in Hoi-An. We said that we needed a bit of space, and as luck would have it that night we met some Australians and ended up traveling with them for the few days. Having those few days did us wonders and made us realise why we chose to travel together in the first place.

Going forward do you see yourselves setting up home in one place? 

We have talked about moving to London when we finally go back to England. We don’t know when that will be to be honest, we are just about to head off for a year in Australia to save up to keep traveling, then when that runs out do the same in New Zealand!

What would be your number 1 honeymoon destination? 

We were lucky enough to go to the Maldives a couple of months ago and that was like a dream. Unlike any place that we had been before, but we think we would go somewhere different for our honeymoon. We would love to go on safari, or if we are feeling like a beach then maybe the Seychelles or the Cook Islands. Who knows!


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3 thoughts on “Inspiring traveller interview: The challenges of a travelling couple – Wandering Northerners

  1. Oh I’m totally with you! I like travelling on my own but you’re right, these guys are nailing it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are so gorgeous right?! Glad you enjoyed the post lovely lady x


  2. Awesome! Sounds really fun. Amazing place, great photos!


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