Amazing Asia – 5 incredible view points you HAVE to see

After spending 12 months in Asia last year – I’m pretty biased in saying that it’s the most beautiful part of the world. (And also a little naive considering I’ve only been to 25 out of 195 countries on the planet!) 

An activity that always gives me perspective of how beautiful a destination is involves climbing, hiking and desperately scrambling to the top of high places – just call me Charlotte the explorer from now on. The views often manage to bring a tear to my eye – I remember bursting into tears once just going up to the roof of my hostel in Chiang Mai!   

So here they are, get ready to cry … or is that just me? 


Kelingking, Nusa Penida ~ Indonesia

Off the coast of Bali is a wonder like no other. This island was my favourite place in Indonesia and my jaw dropped at this famous “T-rex cliff”. After staring at other people’s shots for years I finally got my cliche pose on the bamboo staircase and it was the most amazing feeling. Read more about it here.



Taraw Cliff, El Nido ~ The Philippines

After wandering the town centre of El Nido to track down a local who could take us 300 meters up Taraw Cliff at 5am the following day we had no idea of what awaited us. This jagged limestone krast is not for the faint hearted (especially with a hangover) but the view is like no other.



Annapurna 1, Base Camp ~ Nepal

Things are getting REAL around here folks! Annapurna base camp sits at 4130 meters above sea level and summit is just a mere 750 meters shy of Everest, awarding it with the title of 10th highest peak and deadliest mountain in the world. So I decided to climb it of course … (Watch my terrifying experience climbing this mountain here)

_MG_0957 (2)_MG_1057 (2)fishtail

Doi Inanthon, Chiang Mai ~ Thailand

On my 5th visit to Thailand and second trip to the North – I HAD to make it to the highest point of the country – even if it was pouring down with monsoon rain. This national park is huge and so much fun to explore – especially with all the photos of your back you can get in front of waterfalls! Exhibit a, b & c …


Mount Tapayas, Coron ~ The Philippines

This famous sunrise/sunset spot is super crowded at dusk and dawn so I decided to embark on the 742 step staircase at 9am. Albeit I got the cliff to myself but the sweltering heat definitely didn’t help with the challenge.



Looking back, it feels completely surreal that it’s me in these pictures. I’ve achieved what I never thought possible and pushed myself to reach beyond what’s just ahead. I can only urge you to do the same.


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1 thought on “Amazing Asia – 5 incredible view points you HAVE to see

  1. Wow beautiful! This should be on my bucket list…


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