Iceland Road Trip – A Weekend Itinerary

Last weekend I travelled to my 25th country. You could say it was out of this world (it looked like the moon), you could say it was beautiful (have you seen these views) or you could say it like it is and call it freezing … it was minus four degrees! My sister joined me on this adventure and we took straight to the road ice to see as much as we could – and we did just that! Here is a perfect weekend itinerary on how to slay the frozen island!

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There is an extremely limited public transport system in this baron land so unless you’re up for joing the swarms on a tour bus then renting a car is the only option and the BEST one. You can pull over when you see something incredible like a glacier, the local horses or you know …  a food van.

We picked up our extremely affordable car from Avis at the airport, easy! Book here.

Day 1 // The Blue Lagoon

When I told people I was off to Iceland the first thing they asked was if I was visiting the Blue Lagoon. Yes – there is something stunning about a big pool of hot blue water. It’s the world’s biggest jaccuzi and a 40 degree sanctuary from the harsh external weather. The standard ticket cost us a pretty painful £56 each – this included a time slot of your choice and a face mask whilst you’re floating round the lush lagoon.

You’re allowed to stay and soak as long as you like but a harsh blizard hit us on arrival and the rain was being blown at our face with so much force it felt like little glass shards across our cheeks and ears. Not pleasent. So the photos were a bit of a disaster but it was a cool experience none the less.


Day 2 // The ‘Perfect’ Circle

The self-drive routes around Iceland have fabulous names. The main tourist track is called ‘The Golden Circle’, we all know I like to be different and venture outside of the well trodden tracks made by the travellers before me so I opted for the longer trail and we set off from Reykjavik at 8am.

Tip: research the daylight time of Iceland during your trip, for us it was 9am – 6.30pm.  

Stop 1//Þingvellir National Park

This is the first stop for many tourists so we arrived early and watched the sunrise. Luckily we had clear weather conditions and the sky was on fire with pink and purple tones. The park is huge but we didn’t spend too long walking around. The main attraction is the lake and the tectonic plates that form an icy crevis where the snow went past my knees!


Stop 2//Geysir

It really wouldn’t be a trip to Iceland without witnissing some hot water explode from volcanic rock!  The Geysir blows every 15 minutes and the surrounding views are pretty awesome. Just don’t get too close, its 100 degrees!


Stop 3//Gulfoss Waterfall

I’ve seen my fair share of falls but this wonderful frozen delight was unlike any other! It was completely frozen just days before our eventful arrival but we got lucky enough to see the water cascade in full force into the snowy crevis. This was our favourite spot but watch out – it gets insanely busy.


Stop 4//The Secret Lagoon

After our disasterous weather at Blue Lagoon we decided to take a lunch break at a natural hot spring and break up the long drive to the south. The ticket cost just £20 and the Secret Lagoon did not dissapoint. It was much hotter and quieter than Blue Lagoon and well worth a visit.

Stop 5//Skogafoss

An unexpected beauty caught our eye on the way to our final destination and we couldn’t help but make a detour after seeing this epic waterfall from the road. Skogafoss is massive and prepare to get wet if you walk too close.


Stop 6//Black Beach

My reason for seeing Black Beach in Vik (Southern Reigon) was actually to gaze at the huge stone arch just along the coastline. The wind was so high when we reached our final destination that I didn’t feel safe driving down to the cliffs and we just made a breif walk along the bizzare beach and when the crazy waves started surging towards us we called it a day, held onto our hats and switched on the heated seats in the car.



It turned out that my favourite thing about Iceland was just hanging out with my sister and pulling over at random beautiful sites, stroking horses and singing our way through the epic road trip.

It’s an extremely expensive country but we were blessed enough to have a good friend who is living there so we bunked in her spare room for a few days and avoided food costs too.

The attractions were all free except for the lagoons and the total cost of the trip per person (including flights+fuel) was £250. Not bad at all for 3 epic days in this Northern paradise.


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