Why it’s okay to have one night stands whilst travelling

2018 has come with a very strong equality and women rights message. The news has been taken over by stories of female empowerment – so I thought I’d join the campaign and talk about sex again …

one night

In ‘regular’ life women often get a bad rep if they have casual partners and ‘test out’ their mattress springs often. The majority of men on the other hand get the ‘player’ or ‘legend’ trophy and proudly flaunt their achievements to everyone they know. (Sorry lads, I’m sure if you’re reading this you’re probably lovely.)

However in the world of travel this is just another ‘normal life‘ idea that is swiftly thrown out the window. Go have all the ‘candy‘ you want babe!

Often dorms are a world of temptation for young singles – it’s 30 degrees, you’re sweaty and a hottie is lying in the bunk below. Neither of you can sleep and and on a 3am toilet run he surprises you by climbing up your ladder and starting a conversation – you end up staying awake until 7am talking about anything in your mind and finish the morning with cuddles before parting ways to your next destination, (true story folks – it happened to me in Bangkok).

In the travel world everything moves a bit hell of a lot faster – you completely skip the dating stage and are already living together and sharing your portable chargers and mosquito spray like a married couple. There is often only a limited time to bag your man/girl so give them a cheeky smile and don’t take your time, like you might at home. (I don’t even date at home so don’t ask me!)

Okay … I’m starting to sound like an animal but it’s true! If you fancy them, let them know and enjoy the magic as it happens naturally. This man/woman could be your future (or some free accommodation in their hometown)!

Chances are one of you will depart for a new destination the next day and fleeting romances sleepovers with fellow adventurers become part of the journey – ITS NOT A BAD THING! And ladies, it never has to be a bad thing – even at home. We are humans with needs and an instinct to carry on our species so go forth and make love.

Just make sure you wrap it up lads and keep it clean girls!

Now that I’m done with my mum chat, I will leave you to get up to mischief ~ Enjoy each other wanderers 😉


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