Cambodia’s secret islands – that kick Thailand in the butt

You all know how much I love Thailand. It’s the only country in the world that I have returned to repeatedly and I feel at home as soon as I touch down on its humid soils. However it is not the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and there are some gorgeous spots off the coast of its 3rd world neighbor ~ Cambodia ~ that quite frankly kick the crowded Thai islands in the butt. 


Koh Rong Samloem//

When our boat docked at the beautiful Saracen Bay on Koh Rong Samleom and my friends and I found ourselves alone on its unbelievable white sands with just a few monkeys and crabs for company, I cried.

It was the first flawless beach I’d seen, like something from a Maldives postcard or what you’d imagine heaven to look like. Silky sand, jungle behind us and tropic turquoise ocean washing over our feet. I never wanted to leave.

I stayed at the famous Mad Monkey Hostel which has its own bar, restaurant, private bay (featuring hammocks and swings!!!) and is only accessible by boat. We took trips to different bays around the island on the hostel boat – including Clearwater bay … I  mean, the name says it all! There is no WiFi and you truly immerse yourself into the paradise that surrounds you.

Nightly, my friends and I would venture into the ocean after dark and swim with the bio-luminescent plankton which glowed as we swam through the invisible swarms. Pure bliss.



sunrise at the hostel

Rabbit Island (Koh Thonsáy)//

If you thought the other islands were remote you have another thing coming! Rabbit Island is a true gem! It’s just a short boat ride from the seaside town of Kep and you can walk straight onto the beach and bag yourself an ocean view bungalow for $6-$7. There are very few bungalows available and only a couple of places to eat – no shops, WiFi, signal and very limited electricity.

I stayed for 2 days and would have loved longer if food poisoning didn’t bring me back to the mainland for medication. (Dam egg fried rice.)


Koh Ta Kiev//

Lazing on the vast shores of Otres Beach, being offered leg waxing and anklets by the local woman, Koh Ta Kiev mocked us with its lush green appearance. It just a short 4km away and swimming crossed my mind but I never did get to explore this little gem.

I had to mention it on the list after so many travel buddies raved about their adventures to me. The island has a few great accommodation options including beach camping and high end resorts. It’s located directly next to a national park so the diving is incredible and you can expect some epic views from your bedroom.

Image result for cambodian island




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7 thoughts on “Cambodia’s secret islands – that kick Thailand in the butt

  1. is that dog napping? never seen a dog nap so close to the water.

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    1. Hehe, I have a picture of him with eyes open too so hopefully he wasn’t sleeping too deeply! X

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      1. your dog?

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    2. Unfortunately not my dog although we spent a lot of time together whilst I was there 🙂

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      1. I befriended a dog in costa rica at the beach that followed me around.


  2. Oh how beautiful! Cambodia is definitely very high up on my list now, thanks to this blog post. I just love secluded islands with crystal clear water – and these look perfect!

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    1. YES Pooja! This is definitely one for the bucket list, it really is so budget friendly and so stunning. Happy New Year! X

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