An advert for my dream guy

On July 30th 2017, sitting in my dorm room in Nepal late at night I wrote in my journal, “I love myself enough to love someone else. I crave intimacy, laughs and simple kisses.” After spending 2 years exploring 19 countries solo, I finally felt ready to share my adventures with someone else, it hit me like a wave and I couldn’t shake it off.

dream guy

At the ripe old age of 22 (+ 7 months) I’ve come to the realisation that my Prince Charming ‘partner in adventures’ might not easily find me via fate, fairytales and my refusal to use dating sites. Despite what Disney movies and happy endings raised us to believe waiting in a locked tower, singing in the woods or leaving one shoe behind (Cheers for that tip Cinderella, never works in real life!) doesn’t attract rich good looking men who save us from a life of working 9-5, in fact, it doesn’t really attract anything except stares and assumptions that you’re drunk!

Yes, a few gentlemen have kept me company over my years on the road and despite the majority departing to different countries and drawing a swift end to our time together I still love the idea of sharing my main passion in life with another soul.

You see, my aspirations differ from the regular idea of society.. marriage, careers and starting a family are so far away from my picture of happiness. I know what my dreams are at this moment… I think you can guess they involve palm trees and islands floating on a bed of perfect turquoise ocean. 

ring of fire

So here I am, putting the hint (blatantly writing it down) into the universe that if a handsome, adventurous, free-spirited, spontaneous, travel crazy, animal loving, passionate, gentle, cuddly, open minded, funny and available man exists on this planet, may he cross paths with me and fall madly deeply in love … because I’m pretty awesome after all.

Found him!

Leave your a description for your dream guy/gal in the comments below and maybe they will find us all 🙂

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