5 Motivational Videos to help you achieve your dreams in 2018


My dreams came true in 2017 and I spent the entire year travelling my favourite continent ~ Asia. I left my 9-5 career and everything I knew to embark on my solo backpacking adventure for 12 months. I left home with one bag, one plane ticket and one bank account of savings from my previous career and selling everything I own.

I learnt last year that if you really truly want something, you will make it happen. You are the only person that can chose how your life goes and if you aren’t happy with something, guess what… YOU can change it!

Stop making excuses, chase your dreams and listen to these wise words to give you a kick up the butt into making it happen. I believe in you babe! Let’s make 2018 the year your dreams come true…

1/The dream of life 

A travel video with the backing of Alan Watts and his wise words seems to have been the theme of film makers in 2017 and Indy Blue nailed it. This video really impacted me and her adventures always bring a smile to my face, check it out and be inspired to explore more this year.


2/A wise man

People rarely say it better than Morgan Freeman, he’s an amazing motivational speaker and this compilation of other successful men like him really makes you want to go after everything you’ve ever wanted. Especially the passionate clip at the end. This is a must watch.


3/Believe in Will Smith

Will Smith was raised in an extraordinary way that taught him to work for his dreams and so he did. He relentlessly laid “one brick at a time” until he achieved who he knew he would one day be. He doesn’t believe in thinking ‘realistically’, why not think big and big things will happen. He really has a way with words, give his speeches a listen.


4/Become a good person with Jim 

Jim Carrey one day imagined himself receiving a cheque for 10 million dollars, he kept dreaming it and working towards it and before he knew it, that cheque was in his hands. He is so inspiring and has a very kind heart that inspires others to be good people too.


5/ Your Achievements 

There’s nothing like looking at what you’ve already achieved to get yourself going and bettering yourself over and over again. I made this montage of my beautiful adventures last year and I always watch it with a smile. I can’t wait to bring more to you this year with my next trip in February, stay tuned!



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