How to travel The Philippines (+FREE e-book guide for backpackers)

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In May, my fourth month backpacking through Asia, I reached my most highly anticipated destination. During the lead up to my little EPIC adventure I was watching Philippines travel videos on repeat, dreaming of that crystal turquoise shore washing over my sunkissed feet. Turns out this Country was everything I dreamed and more.

Are you ready to venture off the beaten track of southeast Asia and reach a true untouched paradise?

Think Maldives but without the honeymooners, dirty cheap rum and jaw-dropping sites around every corner.

Welcome to my guide for backpacking around The Philippines!

I’ve put together instructions on how to hop from location to location, recommended hostels and tricks to save money on your adventures in paradise within these 16 pages.

The eBook was created digitally so that it won’t consume space in your backpack, it’s written purposefully for travelers on a budget and has highlighted the most social and beautiful spots in the archipelagos so your backpacking experience is as enjoyable as possible, whether you’re solo or have company when venturing to this stunning destination.

To get your hands on a FREE copy of the ebook enter your email below and hit the download button! Enjoy beautiful wanderers! 


Download my free ebook guide to Backpacking the Philippines

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