India Diaries, Chapter 5 – Delhi

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Returning from the lands of snowy peaks and flower filled valleys to New Delhi, a city rumored to have 26 million inhabitants was a shock to the system to say the least.

This place was the most extreme case of rich vs poor that I’ve ever witnessed. Western restaurant chains lined the streets, their entrances housed the weary bones of the homeless; babies, mothers, elderly and everything in between waited at the doors for tourists or businessmen to exit with their prize.



On the flipside the Buddhist mountains of the North felt like another country to the India we found here. It was a holiday from the… crazy. On our arrival to Leh, a town high up in the Himalayas, every store and restaurant was closed. The reason? A local Muslim man and Buddhist girl had risked their lives for love. They fled the restrictions of their home to be together for good, a crime punishable by death.

So you see now, the world we live in is not quite as you know it here. Just a flight away is another planet of life ~ They call it India.

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