4 Reasons You Have to Visit Nepal


It’s hard to fathom that month 8 has come to an end. Today is day 240 of my adventures around Asia and I’ve just crossed the border into Country ten of the year! Follow my ventures in India on Instagram.  

August bought with it a crazy series of testing and unexpected occurrences that lead to a little personal journey of further self growth for me ~ how cheesy and cliche. I unexpectedly spent the majority of the month in Nepal, the unplanned Country of this trip but that’s the beauty of travel, right?! FREEDOM!

The monsoon season for central Asia closes in mid August but as you may have seen on worldwide news, the country was devastated by severe floods. India closed off 57 water gates that run into their country from Nepal to hold back the water, causing many deaths in the lowlands of South Nepal. The amount of water that backed up could have washed away HALF OF INDIA if they were opened at once, killing millions of people. Luckily, Nepal is one of the highest points on the planet and the water evaporates quickly here.

I was trekking into the mountains of Nepal during these devastating occurrences, you can watch how the floods trapped and affected me in my Annapurna Mountain vlog.   

Which brings me to reason 1…


Did you know there are only 14 mountains in the world higher than 8,000 meters (26,000ft) and 8 of them are in Nepal, including the show steeling number 1 ~ Mount Everest. In the famous town of Pokhara, a yoga and hippy lakeside town, you can gaze at the magnificent Annapurna Range or head to Langtang region to see the snow tipped Everest range. It’s rumoured that if Nepal were rolled flat the country would be bigger than India and China put together! Have your breath taken away by it’s peaks and mountain people.



Despite all these facts Nepal hasn’t got a big head. The people are described as some of the kindest in the world and their humble ways mean they share everything they have with you. They are an extremely caring country that love to welcome you into their homes with tea and plenty of Dal. I’m honoured to say I have many friends there now.

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Did I tell you about the famous dish they serve high up in the mountains to hungry trekkers called Dal Bhat? The famous phrase, ‘Dal Bhat power, 24 hour’ swarms the streets for a reason. You will have unlimited helpings to the delicious meal composed of Lentil Dal, heaps of rice, vegetable curry, pickles, steamed greens and a delicious papad bread to eat it all up with. Enjoy it with your hands like the locals and feel the warm comfort spread through your body.



Even in crazy Kathmandu City you will be surrounded by lush green hills and waterfalls, just a short half hour ride out you can do short hikes in Shivupuri National Park and even spot some red pandas if you’re lucky. You will be guaranteed to see some monkeys swinging about and during my trek we even saw a gorgeous red stag in the wild. Chitwan National Park is home to elephants and Rhinos but their level of treatment is up for debate. You’re never far from something incredible in Nepal. WATCH MY KATHMANDU HIKE HERE.

Nepal treated me very well and hiking to the 10th highest peak in the world will be an experience I will never forget and can treasure forever.

Who else has been (or now wants to go) ?!

Little Lottie.x

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6 thoughts on “4 Reasons You Have to Visit Nepal

  1. I am glad you enjoyed my Nepal, Lottie! 🙂 The next time I go, I will definitely try some hiking/trekking hehe. So many hiking opportunities and yet I haven’t done that many since I left when I was quite young. 🙂


  2. Nicely written! I’m lovin’ the blog so far 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Roman, glad you like my adventures 🙂 Happy Travels


  3. Great post on Nepal! I’ll hopefully be heading there soon. That pic of the food made me hungry 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You will love the food in Nepal! It’s as gorgeous as the views. Happy Travels x


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