Mindful ways to document your travels and gift a traveler something special


So wanderers, I’ve reached month eight of my backpacking adventure through Asia and now we’ve ticked over into August I seem to be getting comments like, ‘you’re on the home stretch now’... Am I?!

Now the prospect of returning home is creeping into my mind I’m making a true effort to record the small but significant parts of this journey that I’m fearful to forget. After all, the nice man selling samosas on the streets of Nepal really did brighten my mornings.

UncommonGoods is an incredible company that not only provide the perfect traveler gifts but also tons of creative ways to record your adventures! They focus on sourcing sustainable products and have a huge range of cool recycled and organic goods! They sell products that cause NO harm to people or animals which is completely essential to a ‘vegetarian hippy’ like moi.

Here are some beautiful ways to capture the moments you can look back on when your sitting in your armchair with your slippers on and have a little smile;


Capture those small moments that don’t quite make it into your journal or Instagram feed. Like a conversation with a wise Vietnamese woman at a bus stop or when you got talking to another traveler about the universe over dinner. Put it in a letter and address it to your future self, its the little moments that make a BIG impact. Check out more girly gifts for your travel buddies here. 



Record an epic night out or day at the temples with your friends and share it with them instantly. Snap away all the small moments with your phone and keep a hard copy ~ the good old fashion way. Your fellow travelers will LOVE receiving a Polaroid to remember the day by and this printer folds up conveniently for your backpack. There are a ton more backpack friendly gadgets here.



Everyone has a favourite place, whether that’s at home or away. Keep your dream spot close to your heart with the coordinates to take you there whenever you like. I always long for a place once I’ve moved on and left it’s borders so this is a perfect gift for a girl or guy who won’t stop talking about their adventures in lands far away. Make the memories permanent with these personalised gifts. 

coordinates necklace


They say the world is a book and now it literally is. With, planning, journal and scratch map pages you can carry this travel bible with you everywhere. Writing things down is essential for me whilst travelling as spending extended bus journeys and travel days alone can quickly lead to overflowing thoughts.


Daily journal and gratitude writing has done wonders for me on my journey and keeping these memories is something I’m so happy I’ve done. Writing and recording is proven to improve moods and productivity levels so make sure you’re spilling your thoughts in these creative ways or check out even more friendly travel products here.


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A huge thanks to UncommonGoods for sponsoring this post.

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