There are no coincidences – My Spiritual Travel Journey


Hello again beautiful wanderers. How have you been?

The last few months of my adventure have sent me in many directions, and I don’t just mean around Asia. A few days ago I unexpectedly boarded a flight to my favourite Country, Thailand. Returning here for the fourth time and abandoning Indonesia after a beautiful 6 weeks was a decision that felt 200% better in my heart then catching my booked flight to Malaysia. WE travel for freedom after all and the feeling of having zero plans makes me thrive, so here I am once more.

I thought I retreated to the mountains of North Thailand for a much needed rest from the constant movement, lugging a backpack from hostel to hostel, city to city, but really things have happened to me recently that reveal much more meaning than that.


Did my friend also make the decision to take a break here out of coincidence? Or were we meant to collide once more… Did we really change our regular breakfast spot this morning out of coincidence, or were we meant to meet the American couple who read our tarot cards and enlightened us about what path we’re on? I believe everything happens for a reason and the Universe always has my back.

So what path am I on now? I’ve been told by 2 spiritual humans with a pack of mysterious tarot cards that my path is to enlightenment. I received an email invitation to a walking meditation and tarot card experience whilst I was in Amed, East Bali last week (which I almost skipped visiting by the way, spooky). I picked up the Universe card after chatting to a friend the night before about my feelings of disconnection from the universe. We walked around the grounds of Aiona Garden of Health with the sounds of the waves crashing behind us, waiting for the meaning of our cards to come to us. Whether you believe in these forces or not the entire process is powerful.


This morning whilst eating some delicious avocado toast in a little cafe in Pai I found my eyes wandering to the couple on the table next to us. When we kicked up a conversation and discovered Jim has been doing spiritual work in Pai for 30 years he offered to read our cards. I picked up what he called the ‘most positive’ card in the pack and told me I’m on a journey to enlightenment. With my upcoming visit to India just round the corner and a planned stay in an Ashram this came as the best news I could’ve received.


So thank you universe, for sending me back to Pai, for crossing my paths with these beautiful souls and opening my eyes (perhaps even a third eye 😉 ) to a journey I could have never envisioned. I’ve invited these experiences into my life through positive and open thinking and I hope that wherever you are you can consider this way of life too, you really never know what could happen.

Little Lottie.x

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4 thoughts on “There are no coincidences – My Spiritual Travel Journey

  1. Sometimes I get that eerie sense as well! Like things are happening for this reason and I’m not even remotely aware of it until all is said and done! 🙂 I love the people I manage to meet during travel–that’s one of my favorite parts usually of a trip!

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  2. I’m so glad you feel this way too and have experienced it yourself! It’s amazing what can happen. The people always make the trip, thank you so much for checking out my blog! Happy travels x


  3. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful experience. I’m putting this in my list for the places to visit. Traveling has always been a part of my life. Such beautiful places encourages me to go for more. I firmly believe, traveling always teaches you more in life. Thank you again for sharing this.

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    1. That’s so wonderful! I cant wait for you to explore this amazing place! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and have an amazing time with your future travels and adventures! x


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