Lonely Travel – The empty promise of a travelling man.


I can’t quite believe I’m more than half way through, 6 months into this beautiful Asian adventure. Travelling has become a way of life, I honestly can’t imagine my days without encountering all these beautiful faces and places on this ever-changing journey. I love everything about this world, the dirty roads, the smiling locals, the dodgy and delicious food and sharing my bedroom with amazing travelers everyday.

But there is one thing getting me down; something I vowed not to fall for, something I never asked to hear and something that has stolen pages of my journal, mind, heart and now, my BLOG! The empty promise of a travelling man.

After hundreds of people entering and exiting my life so frequently on this journey my heart craves stability, a human to share these adventures with, someone that sticks around for more than a week! And this prospect has been promised to me by a few male travellers in my time on the road. Only one of them kept their word and returned into my life, to deliver me the news they’d met someone else…

Honestly guys, I don’t want marriage, I don’t need you to buy me flowers and breakfast the morning after, well, you know, and I certainly don’t need to hear you say, ‘this isn’t goodbye, we will make it work and travel together’. (Because they’ve all used roughly the same script.)

I’m not naive, I know how it goes. You see a beautiful portion of the world with someone and bond over the mountain you just climbed together and it feels like they are the coolest human you’ve ever met. Then you part, keep in touch with messages and Skype calls then BAM, you’re at a new destination meeting more incredible people all over again and it slowly fades away to a memory. But they seemed so important and special at the time?

Unfortunately, I’m human. An incredible kiss  on a deserted island, sunsets and palm trees behind you and the cliche of being a girl and a boy on this wild adventure round the world, it’s really stuff from movies except it happens here and you have to wave goodbye to the happy ending as quickly as your plane takes off for your next stop.

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Of course I’m still a solo traveller at heart and have my fabulous travel ladies by my side but sometimes one person can steal more of my heart than the others. I trust whatever the universe has planned for me, just less of the heartbreak next time please.

And men, in the words of Demi Lavato, Promise me no promises!

Are you one of those lucky travel couples or did you find love on the road and make it work?


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