How to meet ‘the one’ when you’re travelling

the one

Don’t worry, I’m not about to endorse a product claiming to be a love potion or talk to you about playing hard to get and promote sleezey dating sites.

I’ve had a recent revelation, glancing at couples on their adventures together around the globe wandering just how that happened when you’re constantly on the move. I love travelling solo but being single now for over a year makes me wander, ‘am I doing something wrong?’ Yes, I am. The problem is I’m not telling people I like their face… You heard me.

Ever looked at a face you can’t resist and thought, ‘they’d never go for me.’ Guess what, there’s only one way to find out because if you wait for Mr/Mrs right, they may just never come.

Recently I’ve been longing for a partner in crime, a fellow wanderer and a relationship that lasts longer than my current destination. The con of travelling is forming connections to other travelers and moving on without them, waving goodbye to someone that at home would be your best friend or soul mate. Sure, over the last 3 months I’ve traveled with people for long periods of time but the goodbye just gets harder. So my friends and fellow wanderers, the revelation came to me from an old issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, gathering dust in my hostel lobby in Cambodia.

Genius creator of inspiring Instagram account, ‘The Way We Met’ revealed all her featured couples only met by putting themselves out there. Games like ‘playing hard to get’ have broken too many hearts and turned the world shy.

Slip them your number, tell them you like their face and turn back the clock to times when we just simply said, ‘would you like to dance?’


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Sweet dreams are made of this…

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