5 Best places to travel at Christmas



Merry Christmas Eve wanderers! Today’s post is a little festive because I love this time of year no matter where I am! Comment below were you are in the world! 

If you’re on the road over Christmas there is no need to get lonely or down about missing out on the celebrations at home, embrace where you are and join the festivities. Read my tips on surviving Christmas away from home on the TruBlog here. 

Of course you could always go somewhere especially festive so I’ve put together my list of epic places to spend the holidays!


Image result for lapland christmas

Don’t want to name the obvious but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention the home of ALL THINGS Christmas! You can grab a (super pricey) trip to visit Farther Christmas himself AND the reindeer in  their hometown! It will be an unforgettable white Christmas for certain!


Image result for iceland in winter

Who wouldn’t want to visit this stunning Country at any time of year let alone the festive period. Especially as they celebrate for 5 days! Starting on the 23rd  the locals visit relatives for parties and meals galore! They exchange gifts on Christmas Eve and really indulge in the family gatherings and quality time. Plus the mountains are extra snow tipped and those hot springs will feel so refreshing … you’re going to the hot springs right?!


Image result for disneyland fireworks

Treat you and bae or your mini loved ones to a fabulous break to quite possibly the most magical place in the world at the most magical time of the year! You’re never too old for a little Disney magic (this video proves that) but it will transform your regular festivities with all its happiness, fireworks and parades! Who’s been to the kingdom at this time of year?

New York

Image result for new york christmas

The magnificent big apple is still on my bucket list and if there is ever a time to visit it has to be Christmas! Just imagine the 5th Avenue window displays, huge ice rinks filled with laughter and Central Park decked out with twinkling lights! A true Christmas miracle!


Image result for germany christmas

I was pretty torn on where to list as my last destination. Somewhere tropic to escape the cold chills everywhere else, a romantic City to dine in on Christmas Eve or a famous favourite guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Germany won me over with its Christmas markets filled with delicious treats, famous festive beers and delicate glass ornaments. Wandering the stalls of the chilly German streets is a great experience whether you’re a solo traveler like me or prefer to explore with a loved one or family! Everyone will love it but wrap up because its beyond cold!


That wraps up today’s post wanderers, pardon the pun …

let me know if you’ve been to any of these magic locations before and make us all jealous with your story in the comments!

Merry Christmas, happy travels and as always BIG LOVE!

Little Lottie.x

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    1. Thank you Meg! It’s really sweet of you to stop by and I’m glad you loved the post. I will head over to your blog now! X

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