Travel Tuesday – Hidden gems of Venice for the budget traveler


Venice was on my bucket list for a VERY long time and this year I actually ticked it off! The floating (or sinking) City was everything I dreamed, the buildings really are that white, the water really is SO blue and the gondola rides really are that expensive!

If you want to make it to this Italian paradise but are worried about daily costs, don’t worry, after walking in random directions with no idea where I was going I found some pretty good spots!


1/Dal Moros Fresh Pasta


You won’t miss this place easily because it smells incredible! I recommend using Google maps to get here though because I went there 3 times and still can’t tell you the route off by heart. The pasta is freshly rolled out and shaped right there and the owners are incredibly lovely. This is authentic Italian pasta ~ the REAL DEAL. When you buy a pot of their gnocchi, penne or spaghetti to go they will advise you to eat it right away (not that you could stay away) because it’s THAT fresh.

2/Do Mori Wine Bar


This unique little bar is the oldest in Venice and you can tell. The ceiling is covered in old pots and pans and the barrels of alcohol on offer are too tempting to refuse. I went for prosecco (of course) which only set me back 2euros for a glass. You can also dive into their tapas; arancini balls, olives and cheeses galore. It’s heavenly and really affordable considering the quality of booze you get… Coz we all care about that!

3/Generator Venice


There aren’t many hostels in Venice, your best bet is a cheap Airbnb but this hostel, or Ostella as they say in Italy (I know, I’m so cultured!) is an absolute treasure. It’s just 2 water taxi stops from the main island and San Marco Square where you can find the majority of Venice’s main attractions and it’s just unreal inside. I’d say it’s the most modern cafe in the City and has tons of budget options, breakfast from 4 euros, happy hour in the evenings featuring a wine cocktail for 2.50 euros and pizza nights to fill your belly on a budget. Head here for cheaper accommodation and probably the latest bar to close in Venice (it isn’t known for parties after all).

4/ Mazzorbo Island


So my trip to this little island that nobody talks about was actually free because I almost missed my ferry and jumped on it with no ticket. Whilst I don’t recommend you do this, I didn’t get checked… Just saying. You can wander around the islands of Burano (loads of colourful houses like Balamory) and cross the bridge to the stunning gardens and vineyards of this place for free! Read more about my visit here and my favourite day of the entire trip in the post.

Your best bet for finding more amazing places is trip advisor. I always favourite them on google maps too so when I reach my destination I’m not left wandering the winding streets and canals of Venice with no clue, also, it’s a great way of looking back on your map and remembering where you’ve been!


Happy travels wanderers. Big love & Merry Christmas!

Little Lottie.X

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7 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – Hidden gems of Venice for the budget traveler

  1. Great tips, Lottie! I am not particularly interested in Venice because of how touristy and pricey it is, but great to know that it can be done on budget! 🙂 The pasta looks delicious by the way 😀


  2. This is so helpful I think I am about to cry 😭 thank you!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Big love Brooke! Venice is insane, happy travels! x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This is so helpful, getting excited to go there now and find these places!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you lovely! Cant wait to hear all about it when you get back x


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