Travel Tuesday – The day my dreams came true


Thursday, October 27th 2016. The day I keep telling people about. The day I will never forget. The day I keep posting memories from on Instagram. My favourite day of all my travels so far!

It’s finally time to tell you the story behind the day of 1000 selfies…

I woke up in Venice with a sore head from too much Prosecco the night before and immediately jumped in the shower to rinse off as much hangover as I could. The mist that had been resting over the islands since I arrived 2 nights before had finally lifted and I was eager to get out in the afternoon sun and adventure as soon as possible after a rather late start… thank you cheap Italian wine from the supermarket next to my hostel.

I stared up at the ferry timetable, figuring out when the next boat to Burano Island would be. I quickly noticed the 12.45 ferry was docked and departing in a few seconds, without hesitation I ran through the gates and jumped on board ~ without a ticket. Joined by only 10 others on board, I went straight to the front of the boat to capture some footage and enjoy my first taste of Italian sun.

Looking EXTREMELY hungover on the ferry

About an hour later we docked and the colours of the famous homes scattered around Burano shone so brightly. Young travelers posed in front of them for photo-shoots and families perched outside pizzerias with bread fueled lunches.

Docking at Burano

I wandered the streets and enjoyed my own company, the first time I’d been alone and not joined by new friends for a day of exploring stunning Venice. After circling the Island I came across a wooden bridge just to the left of the docks. Nobody was headed in this direction and curiosity drove me to wander over to the quiet fields on the other side. There were some pretty garden with a few strange sculptures dotted around, a few tourists pondered over the different structures but ventured no further. They were missing out… which worked to my advantage of course.    

The cute sculpture garden ahead of the Vineyard

A tall tower caught my eye and I walked over another wooden bridge to be treated by my jackpot, the gold at the end of the rainbow if there ever was one! The most stunning field of endless vines, turning golden in the Italian Autumn and dancing in the breeze.

The bridge to my heaven

‘I cant believe how poetic I sound in this post… it’s hard to believe we were talking about sex not long ago…’ 

And most shockingly, nobody else had wandered back here. Weren’t they drawn in by the bright pink roses and serenity of this heaven? Nope – all the better for me and my Instagram shots. 

A small plaque told me I’d stumbled across the ‘Venissa Wine Resort’ on the small island of Mazzorbo in the Venetian Lagoon… (I mean, you couldn’t make up a more magical location name, right?!) Apparently the vineyard wasn’t quite as private as I thought, being home to a famous restaurant and guesthouse ~ Another perfect reason to visit countries in quiet season as there wasn’t a soul in site!

In the hours I spent laying on an old cart surrounded by nothing but beauty, a location described as authentic Venice, I realised that I was living my dream.

I let go of every single negative thought I had in my head and had to laugh out loud about just how flipping great life is! In that moment I knew I’d worked for that trip, I choose my path and knew travel was what I needed to do to fulfill my dreams and right there fulfilling them… nothing beat that feeling! This day confirmed all my hard work, blog posts, dreams and planning.

I’m on the right path, being a solo female traveler is surely what I was put on this planet for. My smile has never been so big as in that moment and I can’t wait for days like these to flow when I leave for long term travel in just 3 weeks time!

(Whilst living the dream, I vlogged the entire day to show you ~ You’re welcome.)

Watch it HERE.

Big love & Happy Travels wanderers. Little Lottie.X

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