Solo Girl Hostel Guide – Getting Naked



Scream TMI in the comments if this is too much but at home I sleep naked ~ Anyone else hate getting tangled in baggy trousers or oversized nightdresses?  When it comes to sharing a room with 5+ people you gotta cover that up babe, or do you…?

Welcome to the first Girl Talk post! I’m really looking forward to getting all personal and intimate with you lot ~ if you have no idea what I’m talking about read this. 

On my first trip to Asia it was the hot season and I slept in just a t-shirt or a bikini with the air-con blowing full power. It got interesting when we slept on Khao Sok lake in Thailand, I had blistering sunburn and a vile case of sunstroke was setting in with no electricity and just a bag of ice cubes to keep me cool… but that’s a story for another time.

lake bungalow
Hostels come in all shapes and sizes ~ my beautiful home in Khao Sok

My last trip to Europe however was another story, 3 degree weather and relentless downpours in Amsterdam meant wrapping up was a necessity. One morning in Berlin I woke up and caught the reflection of a new arrival in one of the bunks of EastSeven Hostel. A bare muscly arm and protruding leg certainly got my attention and as I climbed (as gracefully as possible) down the ladder of my bunk I was greeted to the warm eyes of a handsome stranger… He was clearly naked but covering the ‘crucial’ parts with the thick white duvet.

It was this handsome stranger that I first discussed this subject with. It wasn’t until then that I’d considered baring all in a hostel dorm, what about nip slips in the night, I might roll over and reveal something nobody wants to see without even consciously doing so?! Well girls here is your guide on what to wear around hostel dorms…

My personal favourite is what I like to call the ‘hot hippy traveler look’ featuring a pretty crop top and trendy yoga pants. Wear whatever you like during the day, get yourself in the communal area and mingle as much as you can. Chances are, even if you don’t try to people will approach you to have a chat.

A great combo from Pinterest

Obviously girls, be sensible at night. You will likely be in a mixed dorm with plenty of guys around so if you want to prance around in your underwear you will attract some ‘attention’ shall we say. That being said, hostels are meant to be a home away from home. If you stay somewhere for a week or more, it is great to get comfortable enough to do this around your new friends. What did I wear whilst staying in a room with the handsome stranger you ask..? Well I did a little prancing myself.

I’ve learnt that every hostel is different, in Generator Amsterdam where there was no self catering and a public cafe/bar downstairs I didn’t mingle in my pj’s – this is an interesting experiment though… next time. In Berlin however I would roll out of bed, head straight downstairs in my baggy t-shirt and grab some breakfast on the sofa with my feet up and friends all around me.


What’s your outlook on this? Do you bare all in front of strangers? Have you stayed in a hostel that felt like home?

Big love & Happy Travels wanderers. Little Lottie.X

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7 thoughts on “Solo Girl Hostel Guide – Getting Naked

  1. What a great article and story. While I’m a guy, I started off two years ago never taking off my shirt in a hostel. Now I’m comfortable enough to sleep in just my underwear (but never less). I’ve also become more comfortable with seeing anything in a hostel room, and after some party cities and stag hostels, I’ve seen just about everything. Of course, there was that one time in Edinburgh when I got locked out of my room in just my shower towel…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad you loved the post. I’m really excited to get a male input on this too, it definitely took me a few dorm stays to warm up to the idea but now I’m totally comfortable with sleeping in whatever. I think it’s a great ice breaker and instantly makes you feel closer to people if they just wander round like they would at home… saying that, I don’t wander round naked anywhere so I’m with you on the underwear rule 🙂 That’s amazing! Bet you laughed about it afterwards, a bit colder in Edinburgh though!!!


  2. That’s a tough call! I think everyone in the room has to be comfortable. Even if you’re comfortable, making sure not to cross anyone else’s boundaries either. Man…this is such a tough one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So great to get your input on this Ryan as an experienced male traveler! That’s totally true, I remember being the only girl in my dorm in Venice with 5 other guys and I was completely fine until an older guy checked in and would walk around in the SMALLEST briefs ever! It definitely made me a little uncomfortable and I think it’s tougher for guys to get away with.x


  3. Haha, Im of the age now that if I stay at a hostel, I get a private room because I hate sharing a bathroom with strangers who havent been house trained and I also hate snorers lol As for sharing a dorm room, I personally sleep with a tank top or t shirt and briefs and often hang up a scarf or towel from the top bunk for some privacy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You save tons of money booking private rooms in hostel rather than hotels, very wise choice. Hanging a scarf is a great tip for if there are no curtains! You can definitely get bad look with roommates! Luckily I’ve always been able to sleep through the snorers but the ones that come in REALLY loud are rather annoying 😛 Happy Travels


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