Travel Tuesday – It’s time to grow up.


I’m just loving these Travel Tuesday chats with you wanderers!

As we’re all friends and getting to know each other more with each post I’ve decided you’re ready to meet the real me… Not that I’ve been anything but honest with you in the past but I might have spared the nitty-gritty, gruesome, intimate details from your innocent ears.

Naughty Statue!


After over 12 months of writing about my adventures I’ve had to consider if it’s what you all actually want to hear… I want to help, inspire and motivate you all to go after your dreamlife, whatever it may entail. I want you to feel like you can come here and talk to a friend (that’s me btw), take a load off after a long day. I want to make you LAUGH!

I do a lot of laughing on the road…

I realised that I don’t have a place to turn to for advice and brutal honesty online. In a world of trolls and haters we shall rise above wanderers! Let’s talk about sex. Joking.


[Insert dodgy bread picture]
Well, kind of joking… For us females on the road sex, periods, hair removal and general advice is limited. One of us had to take the plunge and reveal all the ‘dirty deets’ didn’t they… Welcome to your new ‘girl chat’ hub. I’d love to chat more informally with you and discuss the other side of travelling that Instagram doesn’t always reveal. Look out for the new style of posts popping up and let me know in the comments if there are any subjects we should talk about.

Cheers to that!!!

Hope you enjoyed today’s chat, I just wanted to keep y’all beautiful people in the loop.

Talking of in the loop, my Prague vlog is live on that little thing called YouTube. I have a channel, didn’t you know?! We’re getting super fancy up in here!

Check it out lovelies. See you for our next girl talk, I’m so excited! 

Big love & happy travels. Little Lottie.x

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