14 Days in Central Europe – How to travel & work


Want to see the world but are restricted by time, money, your job or studies? Don’t let anything stop you. If you can’t quite leave the desk behind for good in exchange for travel then you can still visit some awesome destinations whenever

I might be leaving my career behind for good at the end of the year but until then I’m tied to 2 week vacations (which is pretty darn generous compared to US allowances!) If you’re after a life changing trip in a short amount of time, I’ve got your covered with this awesome Europe itinerary.

I recently visited 5 countries and 7 cities around Europe in just over 2 weeks, it was an insane trip and a complete whirlwind but that made the experience so memorable! Here is my recommended itinerary to tick off plenty of beautiful places in minimal time.

The key is waking up early and getting to bed late, spend 2 days in each City and it’s usually the perfect amount of time. Live the life of locals, get to the attractions early and get to the bars late. Oh, and travel at night, it’s the only time your will have. Yes, you will be knackered but it’s totally worth it. 

Stop 1/ Amsterdam

The gem of the Netherlands can’t be neglected on a trip to Europe. Don’t judge this gorgeous place by it’s sex and drugs rep… unless you’re after that of course 😉 Winding canals, narrow houses and beautiful bridges surround you in this adventurous City. Not to mention the authentic coffee shops filled with weed homemade cake.

There are countless museums to wander and 2 days certainly wasn’t enough to cover everything, however I did manage to learn a lot about the crazy history of this place and tick off everything I wanted to see.

Must visit: Anne Frank House 

Stay at: Generator Amsterdam



Stop 2/ Berlin

I arrived in the German capital at the crack of dawn… seriously, 5am! However after a quick stop for breakfast and dropping my drop off I was eager to visit the main sites before the tourists descended and imposed on my photos. I succeeded! Again, this city holds INCREDIBLE stories and has not long been free from war. It feels alive and it’s only getting better with age. The city is full of adventure 24/7. Take yourself there for cheap beer, awesome art and days of wandering.

Must visit: Victory Tower for amazing views

Stay at: EastSeven Hostel




Stop 3/ Prague

The Czech Republic is like being in another world! Besides from having another currency, this city is individual without a doubt and seems constantly on the rise. It’s also SUPER affordable in comparison to many other cities in Central Europe. Old Town holds so much history (do I sound like a nerd yet?) and the epic Castle is the backdrop to all your adventures. The golden rule is not to look down, the buildings in Prague are like none other. Don’t miss the awesome nights out too, guaranteed you will be out until at least 4am dancing in their multi-story clubs.

Must visit: Prague Castle ~ at night

Stay at: PLUS Prague 




Stop 4/ Venice

I dedicated a lot of my trip to a very special place, Italy of course! Venice in particular is where I dedicated most of my hours, 3 days to be precise. This City holds much more than the famous Piazza San Marco. I urge you to spend a day getting lost in the narrow streets, they each lead to authentic Italian pasta restaurants or the bright blue waters of the canals. Then get yourself on a boat to the stunning islands surrounding main Venice. I had the BEST day of my entire trip exploring Burano and lazing in a sunny vineyard.

Must visit: Burano Island

Stay at: Generator Hostel




Stop 5/ Florence

The shortest stop of my trip took me to Florence. The most chilled of the 7 cities but that didn’t stop it from being one of my favourites. The towering red domes and creamy gelato on the streets of this Italian gem make it a must see for travelers. It’s surrounded by the luscious Tuscan countryside and the views never disappoint!

Must visit: Piazza Michelangelo for the best sunset ever

Stay at: PLUS Florence 



Stop 6/ Rome

Nothing could prepare me for the chaos of Rome. Yet somehow, the City stole my heart and my eyes with its beauty around every single corner. Wherever you look, you’re guaranteed a historical building with plenty to keep your camera clicking. I didn’t feel as safe here as the other cities but the volume of people is like London x10 so it’s hardly surprising. Put it on your map but take care.

Must visit: Trevi Fountain 

Stay at: Generator Rome



Stop 7/ Paris

Ohh Paris. There is something insanely magical about this place, it’s enchanting streets, the river Siene backed by romantic bridges and the legendary Eiffel Tower. I urge you to experience this French gem, I may have been alone but my heart was full of love for this place. I hope I can return one day. Sip your chosen beverage in a Parisian coffee shop and bask in the views ahead of you. The pace of the City felt much more relaxed than many others and the smell of french bread and candy floss will fill you up with every breath. Take me back!

Must Visit: Concorde Square for views of the entire City

Stay at: Generator Paris




So that, my fellow wanderers, is what I’ve been up to for the last couple of weeks. Europe is such a contrast to Asia but is filled with a different kind of beauty and adventure that you must experience. Grab your bags and take a vacation, you know you want to!

Little Lottie.X

Watch the trip here.  /  See more travel selfies here.   /   Hear the stories here.

8 thoughts on “14 Days in Central Europe – How to travel & work

  1. Oh! I love Europe. Still considering if I’d fit working there though

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    1. Europe is so beautiful right?! I’ve always neglected my travels here until this trip opened my eyes to it so much. That would be an awesome experience! Where would you like to go most ? X


  2. I was looking for new reading material and I stumbled upon your blog. Great post. Well written and inspiring. Looking forward to coming back and explore other ones you have.

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    1. Thanks so much for the support! It’s so great you share my love for exploring and I really appreciate your comment! Happy reading X

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      1. You’re most welcome! Please do drop by LadyRedot.com to say hi too!

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