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I’m trying to up my Instagram game… MAJORLY. Why? Because a bigger audience means bigger opportunities and for an aspiring travel blogger like moi, that could mean the difference between a bed at night or kipping on a park bench.

Okay, so that might have been an exaggeration but blogger’s are more likely to go on sponsored trips with a larger number of followers and that’s my ultimate goal; To see the world for a living. (This is a no bullsh*t environment, I can tell you straight yes?)

So despite reading countless tips and online courses to boost my visibility on the platform I’ve been more selective with what shots make the cut. Here are my favourite photos explained… like a behind the scenes look at my trips for my top babes!

Ready to get personal?…


Just look at that ocean! We were insanely close to landing right on top of it too but the man made runway in Doha emerged in the nick of time. I was in Doha for precisely 12 minutes. After my flight from Bangkok – Qatar was delayed I had to sprint across the airport to make my connecting flight to London. It was my closest call yet, but there’s always time for an Instagram snap right?

2/ Bottle Beach

The new theme is ‘faded’. Everything seems to look more Insta-appropriate when it’s subtle and sexy like these palm trees. Including this shot that I wrote off as a bit messy, the bungalows on the beach feature people’s laundry and it doesn’t look that polished but the perfect leaning palms and untouched white sands of that beach can’t be kept to myself.


You may have missed any posts about my Cyprus trip on the blog because I didn’t necessarily enjoy my time there. Sorry Cypriots! This is a shot of Aphrodite’s rock, where the goddess of love was born from the white waves and emerged on the beach to take on the world with her sexiness…  Legend says if you swim around the rock 3 times naked, at night, you will be granted with true love. I was in the county with my fiance at the time… it’s fair to say that wasn’t true love. (Read that drama here.)


I’ve never posted this shot due to my ‘appearance’, if you can even call it that! I was still recovering from the obscene sunstroke I got whilst in Southern Thailand and walked around the stunning ruins of Ayutthaya for 4 hours in 34 degree heat (read about that trip here, it’s awesome)  before taking this hideous selfie. Despite the burns, sweat, blisters and hair that loves humidity, the iconic Buddha tree had to make it on the Insta-feed… otherwise I’m not really a legit travel blogger am I?

5/The dance GIF…

I was rather drunk. Sorry.


We all know only our best moments make the cut, and even that’s after the most flattering filter job. I hope you enjoyed having the exclusive insight behind these photos.

I’d love it if we could be friends on Instagram, comment on a photo to let me know you’ve come from this post & follow me there for daily #TravelTuesday moments.

Little Lottie.X

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5 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday -Instagram worthy travel photos

  1. thesweatergiraffe October 11, 2016 — 9:47 pm

    I love these shots, and it’s true – Instagram is such an important outlet these days! I’ve followed you on Insta and can’t wait to see more of your photos. 🙂


    1. Yay, thank you so much lovely wanderer! It means the world to have you in the tribe, will be uploading LOADS of snaps from my upcoming Europe trip soon so keep your eyes peeled. I will check you out on Insta too! X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. thesweatergiraffe October 14, 2016 — 8:41 am

        Of course! 💖


  2. Love these photos especially Bottle Beach it looks amazing!

    Jess | Enjoy the Adventure


    1. So glad you like the look of my adventures. That beach is my screensaver, it’s the most photogenic place I’ve visited! X


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