5 post travel thoughts that travelers can relate to 


After a life changing event you can be left with many feelings, emotions and a whole new outlook on life. Many people say travel is life changing and I couldn’t agree more.

There are so many extreme highs, and hopefully not many travel lows but most of all it leaves you with plenty of memories. These are the scars my trips have left me and they are rather common in the travel community. Hopefully you can relate to some of these too and feel like you’re back on the road again… unless you already are, in which case I’m extremely jealous!

1/ I don’t need stuff. 

You can’t fit much in these beach bungalows after all…


Having more than 3 pairs of shoes or 1 pair of jeans suddenly seems absurd to me. Plus, the less belongings I have the less ties I have to a single place. It’s good to be a minimalist when you’re on the road. 

I used to dream about owning the biggest house on the street and driving the latest Audi sports car. That was just my idea of what success meant, now I couldn’t imagine anything worse! 

2/ People don’t suck. 

lake log group
Loving life at Khao Sok National Park

Before going away myself and the majority of people I know experienced cheating, being lied to and betrayed by friends often. Although these are valuable life lessons that we all go through, I became closed minded and afraid of commitment in case of the inevitable hurt that comes with love. 

Meeting people from all over the world who share my interests has shown me just how beautiful people can be and I’m much more confident about embracing the characters of the world…  not all of them, beware of the idiots out there. 

3/ Money doesn’t matter. 

It’s the simple things…

I don’t need lots of it, just enough for the next plane ticket. Money doesn’t define success, happiness does. And I know what makes me happy… travel! 

4/Home isn’t a place. 

Bottle Beach Love
Bottle Beach was a great home!

Although home used to be the small city I come from, that couldn’t be further from it now. It’s lovely there, don’t get me wrong, but home is a feeling not a place. I was so emotional leaving my last trip and all the friends I’d made, I could barely drag myself onto the plane, it only took me 6 months to turn around and return.  

5/ Stress is all in your head. 

Escape every now and then…

It’s so un-necessary to stress about little things like what to wear, being late or not having tons of social media followers. There are bigger fish to fry and more important things to worry about in life. Don’t waste your precious time, live life to the full with things you will remember when you’re old! I’ve sure forgotten about what skirt I wore on that date this summer. It’s easier to let go of stress when you immerse yourselves in other cultures and get a little prospective on how others live.   


Could you relate to any of these feelings? Leave me a comment with your favourite and add your post travel thoughts.

Little Lottie.X

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39 thoughts on “5 post travel thoughts that travelers can relate to 

    1. Ah, Paige, that’s super sweet of you. Thanks so much for giving it a read, glad you could relate. It is really easy to accumulate belongings after time and I’m definitely known for it too but the purge feels so good and makes you feel FREE. It’s very refreshing, plus then you can collect cute bargain items on your travels x

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  1. I have to say i was quite skeptical when I saw your title, I’ve been traveling and roaming the world for the past 5 years and reading most ‘top 10’ or ‘top 5’ list posts are normally brutal – Saying that reading your post, I can relate and agree to each one of your points …double thumbs up from me 😀

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! I feel exactly the same when I read other blog posts, most people list the same reasons, motives, feelings or even destinations. Us travelers are creatures of habit but I aim to be individual and true to myself, I’m pleased you can relate to that too! Bet you have some awesome stories from life on the road! Happy Travels! 🙂

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  2. This is so true 🙂 I could relate to the part that people don’t suck because I’ve meet some of the nicest people because of my travels and gosh, they just made me see how good some people are 🙂
    Totally related to all this thoughts 🙂 Missing travelling so much!!

    Love from Portugal,

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    1. Thank you so much for checking out the blog The Roving Couple. I love chatting to other travelers about this. It’s great to know we are all in the same boat. One of the best parts of being on the road is letting go of everyday worries and living the dream. Happy travelling!


  3. I have gone through a few of your posts and I find that your blog is interesting and well written. Just have to leave a comment to let you know. Have a wonderful new week!! Cheers!

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  4. Little Lottie you are Super right!! I’ve experienced all those post travel feelings myself, and some more like “post travel depression” 😛 ReAdapting to the city life and the daily routine can be rough and confusing. That’s why I’ve decided to be a “nomad” 🙂 until I find that place where it feels to come back to from a journey through the World, I change home every 2 years.


    1. Yay! I’m so happy you know how I feel, it is super hard coming home from a trip sometimes so you’ve made a wise decision in making your home the world! Phuket is a beautiful choice too. We are always different people when we return with a new outlook on life so coming back to a place that used to be home suddenly doesn’t feel that way anymore and that adds to the post travel depression! I think your way of living is genius. Happy Travels. X

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