Travel Tuesday – 5 Reasons to Visit Cornwall in Autumn

Each Summer the salty shores of Cornwall greet millions of tourists chasing sunshine (they’re often disappointed) and stunning scenery (they’re never disappointed). Now they’ve left, us locals are preparing for the next epic season here, Autumn!
As you know I’ve been embracing my home before leaving it behind in exchange for a very different life in Asia at the end of the year. So goodbye Summer and hello crunchy leaves, orange trees and of course, pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING!
Eventbrite, the  largest self-service ticketing platform in the world, are celebrating Fall with their Hometown Hunt project and I’m getting involved to tell you the top 5 reasons to visit Cornwall this Autumn!


I have a feeling by the end of this post you may think we’re all alcoholics down here but I assure you, it’s all worth the hangover! Germany comes to Cornwall for the awesome Oktoberfest! If you couldn’t make it to Munich for the  original beer festival then celebrate it closer to home right here in the UK! Whip out the Lederhosen and enjoy the drink in 2 pint glasses, because this is Oktoberfest after all!

 oktoberfest-cornwallBetty Stogs at last year’s Oktoberfest. Photo credit: Oliver Harris

2\Halloween Masked Ball

And that’s not all for Fall time parties! The Masked Ball is an epic night that takes over a theme park in Cornwall for 12 hours of spooky madness. This year’s theme is Coney Island and the outfits will NOT disappoint, in fact, it’s pretty darn scary! You won’t just have the party to look forward to but the countless stages, dens, rooms and hidden bars featuring a killer line up will keep your feet moving all night! Are you ready?

3\Cornish Cider

Us Cornish have a few cuisines nailed to perfection, from Cream Teas to Pasties the food here always tastes great. However, Autumn is the best excuse to go on a Cider tasting! Cornish Cider is a favourite all over the UK and the best can be found drank aplenty at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm  where you can take a tour and see the golden liquid being made. Or grab a bottle of sweet Cornish Orchards (I highly recommend the Blush Cider) to quench your thirst after all the fall fun.
Drink responsibly now, I don’t want to be picking you up at the end of the night!

4\Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

Pumpkin spice forms the warming heart of this epic drink. The best place to find one? Midtown Deli & Cafe of course! Pick a cosy corner and treat yourself to their array of salads, cakes and drinks, including this indulgent tipple. Plant based milk in on hand for the majority of the population that avoid dairy these days (including moi) and I would highly recommend pairing this with their Midtown Granola for the best start on a chilly Autumn morning!

 5/A walk in the woods

We might not be famous for warm weather but we are certainly well known for the gorgeous surroundings. The beaches might be quieter in this season but it’s the perfect excuse to take to the woods and get walking. Just wrap up, wear your wellies and don’t forget the duck food! I love to stroll around Tehidy Woods with my camera and watch the seasons turn. Here are some memoirs from my recent visit, which involved lots of leaf crunching, don’t worry.

If you don’t have the sudden urge to put on the wellies, party the night away and recover with a hot chocolate in the woods then I’ve officially failed my blogger duties today. Of course the alternative is to put your cosy pajamas on and catch up on Little Lottie… which by all means you should do!

If you’ve got an upcoming event, definitely check out Eventbrite to track attendees and sell tickets. It’s super easy and Little Lottie approved!

Do you have Autumn plans? Have you been to Cornwall in Autumn?

Little Lottie.x

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7 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – 5 Reasons to Visit Cornwall in Autumn

  1. OMG, I want that pumpkin spice hot chocolate RIGHT NOW! Hmm, now how and when to get down there?!


  2. It’s so tasty! You need to try it, much better than Starbucks 🙂 If you love Scotland you will definitely love Cornwall! Have you ever been? If you do visit let me know! x


  3. off-peak season is the best! 😀

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    1. So true Natalie! This applies to so many places, especially Cornwall x


      1. Here here! St. Ives is my favourite 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi! I hope you’ll be pleased to know that since I’ve really enjoyed this post, I’ve cited it here ; 🙂

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