5 amazing tools for budget travel


Some of us like to spend our hard earned cash on life changing experiences like travelling, that’s probably why you’re here, am I right? Good, I’m glad we have that in common.

If you’re anything like me then when you’re away you want the trip to never end, for those endless beach parties, sunning sunsets and awesome new friends to stick around forever? Well I don’t know the secret to life long travels… yet, (if you do, tell us in the comments!) But I do know 5 amazing tools that help buy a few extra weeks of paradise when planning a trip. Sound good?   Here they are…

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Trail Wallet

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Do you find yourself withdrawing currency at various ATMs and assuming it will keep coming out? Do you even know how much you’re spending until you return from your trip to see be greeted by your hefty credit card bill?

When I travel I carry my international credit card to every country I visit, it’s on a direct debit so the equivalent spend in British pound comes out of my savings at the end of the month. It’s certain to say that its easy to keep purchasing those banana daiquiris (lush right?) at every Thai beach bar and not think about the bill until later. Welcome Trail Wallet, a nifty app that you can track your spend on. You can input your daily budget and see if you’re sticking to it. Plus it gives you an amazing breakdown of your current trip and


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Hostelworld.com is pretty much a life saver, no exaggerating here… In many locations around Asia it isn’t always necessary to book accommodation in advance but when you have an early/late flight or need to secure a bed without worrying about wandering the streets of your new location in search for a dorm you can always rely on this site.

The reviews are amazing and reliable, unlike sites such as TripAdvisor experiencing fake reviews from trolls and competing hotels. Always look for a hostel with a score of 7.0 or above, especially on security and location marks.


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If Hostels aren’t your style give Agoda a visit. They list amazing budget hotel rooms and rentals around the world and have a super easy booking process. There’s TONS of choice and you wont have to fork out on an expensive room so if the hostels ever get too much and you’re after a decent night sleep head straight here.

Sky Scanner


It goes without saying that I NEVER book a flight without going to Sky Scanner first. Sometimes I check the airline direct after a quick comparison but Sky Scanner comes out on top 99% of the time. This awesome site lets you compare flights with all major airlines worldwide. You can even input your budget and Sky Scanner will tell you where you can afford to go! Never book direct again, you’re guaranteed to save with this tool!



This tool is not news to anyone, Airbnb has become a firm favourite among travelers and tourists around the world. Although at first I was nervous about the prospect of staying in a stranger’s house I bit the bullet and made my first booking. It’s awesome staying with locals, they know the best spots in town and I’ve often met people who become friends with their hosts!

Just be sensible and read your host’s reviews before staying with them. If you don’t fancy sharing you can always select ‘entire home’ when searching and score stunning properties for a great price! Join here and get £25 towards your first booking!


These are my top 5 budget travel tools, tried and tested. I rarely book a trip without using at least one of these and they’ve saved me on many occasions.

Have you used any of these travel tools? Recommend your favourites below and follow Little Lottie for more tips and tricks!

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  1. Great post!! Very useful, thank you for sharing! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Lisa! Glad you found it helpful. X Happy Travels

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