Why I was quarantined in China

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It’s no secret that I love Asia, I’m literally counting down the days (120!) until I land back on its warm soils for a 12 month adventure… or maybe longer (shh, don’t tell my mum :P)

When I reflect on my experiences there so far the lows are drowned deep in my mind by the insane highs… (from climbing the great wall and island hopping around Thailand, not drugs!) But then, what would this blog be without a little drama?! It can’t all be hunky dory in travel world after all.

From getting quarantined in Beijing, being bed bound with sun stroke and appearing on Spanish news the continent has shown me a good time… things could be a lot worse but let’s just go back to that first event that showed me travelling doesn’t always go smoothly.

Story time… 

A few years ago I took up the opportunity, whilst a student, to go to China! As soon as the opportunity was presented at school my childhood savings account  was emptied (thank you mum for funding my first ever adventure) and I couldn’t be happier to put it on a more exhilarating trip! We were due to make visits to the infamous Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Terracotta Army, Tiananmen Square and gain a Mandarin qualification whilst living in a school in the capital, Beijing.

china school we stayed at
The School we called home, Beijing

You can picture it now, huge school buildings filled with bustling footsteps. An immense welcome ceremony for students from my, and other schools around the world took place. Talented dancers and musicians took to the stage and blew us away, a massive Chinese dragon wove through the crowds and soon more than joy was spreading.

Yup… Swine Flu.


our open night, china performance
Opening ceremony talent
china open night dragon
Flu must have got this dragon too…

It started with an American student and was soon infecting others with soaring temperatures and horrible symptoms that put over 30 of us in hospital. It’s safe to say that only 1 week in, our trip was on hold. Our fallen soldiers were being treated in hospital, some flew home and never joined us for the next chapter. Meanwhile, those of us who were healthy were ordered to down a glass of water each morning after having our temperature taken via thermometer under the armpit. We all had to wear mouth masks and were kept in the realms of a 5 STAR HOTEL!

Now, usually being trapped in a hotel whilst on holiday would be a version of hell but we made the most of a bad situation. They supplied us each with a Apple Mac laptop and we hosted ‘movie nights’ in each other’s rooms. We started up fitness sessions in the hallways and would run the lengths of the hotel, only pausing for press ups in the middle. When swabs were taken at the end of the week we were classed as healthy and released from our cage palace.

The hotel were great hosts

The trip resumed as normal and we caught up on what adventures and tourist spots we had missed whilst living hotel life. Visiting the famous markets, Olympic stadiums and beautiful temples was certainly a highlight of the trip.

china lion
A lion guarding the Forbidden City entrance 
summer palace scenic
The Summer Palace garden were stunning
china me at great wall
Me looking a bit damp at the bottom of the Great Wall
china umbrellas at great wal
Tourists make their way up the Great Wall in the rain
sport entrance olympics
The athlete entrance inside the Olympic stadium (the birds nest)

We did miss out on our Chinese speaking lessons, a trip to a Shanxi province and seeing the amazing Terracotta army but the experience taught me I have a great immune system and hotels can be great fun! Oh, and one line of Mandarin … Ni Hoa!

What experiences have you had whilst travelling, good and bad?

Little Lottie. XO

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3 thoughts on “Why I was quarantined in China

  1. Looks like it was an amazing adventure! xo Loren // http://www.thinkelysian.com


    1. Thank you for stopping by Loren! It’s such a beautiful place with so much to see! x


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