Why I stopped wearing a bra & you should too.

WARNING: Controversial post ahead, read on if you’re an open minded soul.

better sleep

In the words of Cara Delevingne and many more before her #freethenipple!!!

Ever since coming back from Asia in March I haven’t worn a bra. Yes… I may have turned into a makeup free, plant eating, barefoot hippie but what can I say… I LOVE the freedom, and not just for my boobies 🙂

So apart from the freedom, why have I stopped strapping my breasts into hammocks?


I don’t feel like I need to support my modest bust with wires or a structure of any kind and quite frankly I look pretty oddly shaped when they are pushed up by cups. What’s wrong with their natural shape? I love my body and I like where they sit now so screw you society!

Sally Mustang – Instagram (my free soul woman crush)


You’ve all seen the quotes on social media (# braoff) and it’s likely one of the first thing’s you do when you get home too. I get into my sweats, pronto! Part of at home comfort is stripping off your boob cages. So if you’re desperate to take it off at the end of the day… why put it on in the first place? That’s also the view that stopped me wearing makeup.

bra off quoet

Hippie at heart.

I like to get a little closer to what humans were made to be all those years ago. Eating fresh foods only, waking up with the sunrise, walking barefoot where I can and generally staying as connected as possible to our surroundings… without sounding like a complete tree hugger. It’s not all that natural to hoist breasts into various shapes to make them look bigger to attract the opposite sex. They are on our bodies to feed our young one day and although they make us appealing and look rather glammed up in a fetching piece of lace, at the end of the day we’ve all seen them before.

sally mustang hipie
Sally Mustang – Instagram


Although you can’t believe everything you read in the media, bras have been linked to breast cancer by cutting your lymph circulation flow. Cancer is a modern disease, it’s unheard of in tribes and ancient records as they didn’t have access to bras, technology or a sugar filled western diet.


Enter the Bralette! On the odd occasion that I do need to cover my lady lumps if wearing a completely transparent or white top I chuck on one of these triangle lace beauties. I’ve been obsessing over H&M bralettes recently but if you know of any other good places to buy them, hook a sista’ up please!

I feel much sexier in bralettes, not to mention the comfort. Nothing is forcing me into any particular ‘voluptuous’ position that’s supposedly attractive, they just drape me in a soft lace that feels like the perfect fit every time. No more measurements, no more lumps under your tops, no more fiddly fastenings or wires sticking into your armpits, just pure comfort in its slinkiest form yet. Plus, they are perfect for travelling and don’t take up any room in my backpack!

We aren’t talking Bridget Jones undies here, just look how pretty they can be…


Would you ever consider going bra free? Share your views in the comments and press subscribe for more loveliness…

Little Lottie.XO

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3 thoughts on “Why I stopped wearing a bra & you should too.

  1. All Things Adored June 19, 2016 — 7:03 am

    Bralettes are the way to go!!!


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