10 things you should know before going vegan…

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It’s been a year since I went plant based and the vegan population in the UK has grown by 350%!!! On that note, if you’d like to join the tribe here is what you should know…

1/ You will get sick of explaining to people WHY you are vegan

God knows. Maybe to decrease your risk of disease, reduce your carbon footprint by over 50%, save innocent lives and feel like a billion dollars whilst glowing and skipping round like an earth fairy but a part from that it’s beyond me…

2/ Everything improves

You mood. Your hair. Your skin. Your nails. Your attitude. Your carbon footprint. Your nutrition knowledge. Your health. Your debating skills. Your positivity. Your bank account. Your sexlife. Your stamina. Your fitness. Your energy. Your confidence. Your taste buds. Must I go on…?

3/ Your body will change… a lot

transformation tuesday

When going vegan there is more than just one thing to consider, you can lose weight or pile it on depending on how savvy you get with your delicious new diet – I’m not biased or anything. Whether you chose 100% raw, raw till 4, the starch solution, high carb low fat, high protein, high fat, the options go on and on and on. It’s very much trial and error and finding what works for you. If you survive on hummus, Oreos, coconut milk and fried foods, you will gain weight so look into your options, bulk cook fresh meals for convenience and you will thrive. Read my ‘what I eat in a day post’ for an idea of what I much on a good day.

4/ You won’t go hungry

If you eat a high carb diet (carbs as in fruit and vegetables) – read my carbs are good for you post to wise up – then you can pretty much eat however much you like. My portion sizes shock my family daily with the notorious, “where do you put it all” quote, but because my food doesn’t contain oil, cheese, milk or meat they are guaranteed to be low fat and nutritious and I can go back for seconds and thirds… which is never a bad thing right?

5/ Get used to reading ingredient lists

Get ready to annoy your parents, partners and friends by taking twice as long in the supermarket by analysing the ingredients of convenience foods. It’s easy to pick up packaged vegan foods once you know your stuff. I wouldn’t promote processed foods over fresh but FYI, Oreos and Skittles are vegan. Wahhooo.

6/ Welcome to happy

Literally jumping for joy!

The BIGGEST impact I have found since not eating meat or dairy is by far my attitude towards life. I am so grateful for everything, people sometimes get irritated by my happiness, #sorrynotsorry. I can’t tell you how happy I felt when I woke up this morning to the sun rising at 6am, I left my blinds open so the sunlight could be the first thing to touch my skin today. My family weren’t so grateful for the early sunrise and blacked it out to get more kip. I personally think this is because I don’t have toxins or animal hormones racing around my body turning me into a royal b*tch. (Read my personal benefits here)

7/ People will still offer you meat, chocolate and cake ALL the time

Make sure you’re strong willed because everyone you know is still going to offer you all sorts of sinful goods, even though they know you’re otherwise inclined. Life is too short to be unhappy so if you crave these things then you eat them Glen Coco, nobody wants to lie on their deathbed thinking about that macaroon they turned down! Personally, I never crave these things and the longer I eat plant based the more I don’t want them but one day, if a square of milk chocolate won’t stop shouting at me from its innocent little wrapper, it will probably end up in my mouth.

8/ You will want to tell EVERYONE about how awesome your life is

nice cream
Nice cream tower on Pinterest

I find it MUCH more effortless to keep slim being plant based. People are shocked when they see my portion sizes and learn the fact I only do about 30 minutes exercise per day (because I enjoy it) but keep my 26” waist. What can I say?

After discovering banana ice cream and making it for some friends telling them it contained only bananas and 0 fat, but it was insanely creamy and tasted better than regular ice cream they were like, ‘dude, why don’t people know about this?!’ (Find the awesome recipe to vegan ice cream here) Stop slaving away at the gym and enjoy ice cream every day, more than once if you like, which let’s face it, once you try it you will.

9/ Checkout workers will think you’re a freak

When you’re scanning through a box of 30 bananas you will get looks. Just smile and enjoy the nice cream your gonna be eating like you’re about to hibernate for winter and go back all glowy and healthy, they will start buying bananas too. Bananas are life…

10/ Watch out for vegan ninjas

One big reason people are put off trying a vegan lifestyle is because some of the community out here in plant world can get a little preachy. There is no cult going on, we aren’t aiming to force anyone into anything or covert you to the dark light side. Just avoid that tactic or nobody will see the light and enjoy ALL the nice cream and food that you know is awesome. Just be a kind, glowing, healthy earthling and they will follow suit.

Plus, you should totally follow me and share this post to enlighten your buddies about plantcakes and nice cream! – Recipe here.


Have you ever considered a vegan lifestyle?

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3 thoughts on “10 things you should know before going vegan…

  1. These were great points! Especially the first and third things. I’m not vegan myself but I live with my sister who doesn’t eat meat so basically my whole family can’t eat meat.

    I would consider vegan lifestyle if I wasn’t so lazy to check the ingredient lists… 🙂


    1. Thank you! So glad you liked the post! I know what you mean, my family are vegetarian but they eat cheese and milk so I cook all my meals from fresh separately most of the time. It’s a good way to ease your way into this diet though and it’s surprising what treats you find by discovering ‘accidentally’ vegan food x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Bill, using WordPress should filter the spam comments on it’s own. Make sure you have it switched on via your spam settings


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