Why you NEED to visit Khao Sok National Park – The most beautiful place on earth

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The indescribable, unbelievable and expansive beauty of Khao Sok National Park stole my heart the minute I lay my eyes on the turquoise waters that stretch over 285 square miles. Surrounded by thick jungle and towering mountains that are home to elephants, gibbons, tigers and other magnificent creatures.

The park is located in Surat Thani, just a quick 12 hour sleeper train ride from Bangkok. You will then need to find a car to take you the rest of the way to this secluded paradise. The locals refer to it as ‘the dam’ and the car ride is a bumpy one but I’ve never felt a journey was more worth it in my life, the scenery is breathtaking. You will know when you are getting close as tall limestone towers covered in lush green jungle will start peeking into view in the distance.

Source: The Telegraph

Whether you chose a jungle experience camping in treehouses lakeside or you chill out and take in the views on a floating bungalow like we did, this place will change your life, undoubtedly. From the minute I booked my tour with TruTravels, this was the visit I was anticipating most and excited for beyond belief so despite only 20 minutes sleep on the train, I practically throw my backpack in the safe house at the park entrance and skipped onto the boat. TruTravels include a visit to the park in the majority of their tours, use code TRULM7 for a discount and you could see this amazing place for yourself!

Khao Sok lake
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thailand lake shot

The lake is HUGE, there is so much to explore from jungle to caves and view points! We arrived bright and early at 7.30am and got on a boat towards our gorgeous floating bungalows that we’d be sleeping in for the night. On the longtail ride towards our temporary homes Luke told us to jump in the water at a particular spot, although the sun was still rising over the rocks we didn’t debate and jumped in to what felt like a warm bath!

first jump at the lake

lake sunrise
The sun rays creeping over the limestone


Then, after cascading round a few more rocks we arrived in paradise. There was a restaurant serving us delicious meals, kayaks to endlessly explore in, a huge log to play games on and tubes to bob around in accompanied by a beer for hours of relaxation after leaving the chaos of Bangkok far behind.

lake bungalow

lake house

Some of the girls and I made it priority to explore our unbelievable surroundings by kayak and looped around some of the park’s little islands.

Lake Kyak Selfie

Then we returned to play around for hours on our giant log, sipping on countless cups of Sangsom rum and soda until the sun went down. (In the midst of all the fun I didn’t realise how much I was burning with the 37 degree heat reflecting up at me all day from the water so take care a slather up or you could end up with sun stroke like this genius! )

lake log grouplake logme log

kaoh sok swim thailand

The bungalows were simple but stunning, with a view to die for and mattresses to sleep on, what else could you need?! The electricity at the park went out at 9pm and left us with only the noises of the jungle to fall asleep to.

We kept reminding each other that no photo or camera could EVER do the lake justice and that people at home would never understand it’s beauty. If there is one place in the world I could tell you to visit tomorrow, it would be here. Ever inch of the park is filled with beauty and those memories will stay with me forever. I only wish I could take every I know to experience it themselves, for now, I will treasure it before it’s discovered by the world.

bungalows12806228_10208877289072733_2822141565972218215_nlake boatpenny and I lake

See more of my time at the lake in my YouTube video for even better views and lots of splashing around.

Use code TRULM7 to get there yourself. It will change your life.

Little Lottie.XO

10 thoughts on “Why you NEED to visit Khao Sok National Park – The most beautiful place on earth

  1. What a place! From photos and stories, it really feels like a paradisiacal place, thanks for sharing:)


    1. Thank you for reading Mikele! It’s funny, when I was there I knew I wouldn’t be able to get across how stunning it is through pictures or words but I’m glad you feel that way. X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It must be something else actually being there! It kind of reminds me on the Amazon forest, the tropical density is ‘amaz’ing!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Peace.Love.Veggies May 9, 2016 — 5:39 am

    Looks incredible! A perfect honeymoon destination which I’ve been looking for later this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This would be such a romantic honeymoon destination! Congratulations and I’m glad I could inspire you. There’s lots to get up to at the park and so much to explore. X

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow that looks amazing! Somewhere I need to visit! Has anybody ever been to Indonesia? I’m going there for a few months next week…whats everybody think to it? Ill be posting all about it while I am there! check it out

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is definitely somewhere for your bucket list Meg! I hope you can see it’s beauty yourself one day. That will be an incredible trip, I’m so happy for you. Indonesia will be beautiful and I can’t wait to explore it next year. Just take care in the larger cities like Jakarta and Java and I think you will have the time of your life! x

      Liked by 1 person

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