Dreamy Travel Bucket List II – 10 Unreal Sites

Travel Bucket List

Researching images and facts for my Dreamy Travel Bucket List post was just too much fun so I wanted to narrow it down and highlight some unbelievably gorgeous locations and sites around the globe that may not have made the Wanders of the World list but they certainly made mine!

‘To travel is to live.’ – Hans Christian Andersen

1//Emerald Lake, Canada

Emerald Lake. Yoho National Park. Canada.  Yet another gem. The landslide halos in this lake are beautiful.:

If you’ve ever seen water more lush and green than that of Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, Canada then please let me know because I’d be shocked to see any more stunning than this. Enjoy the picnic of your life lakeside or hop in a boat and take in the mountain scenery. A guide ‘stumbled’ upon the lake back in 1882 whilst they were building the Canadian Pacific Railway. If this isn’t a hidden gem then I don’t know what is…

2//Las Pozas, Mexico

Xilitla- The Surreal Gardens of Las Pozas, Mexico:

Las Pozas, a surreal abandoned city, was built in the midst of the Mexican rainforest by English artist Edward James. It may look like something straight out of Alice In Wonderland but it’s mysterious staircases to nowhere and jungle surroundings are too enchanting to miss off the list.

3//Bagan Ruins, Myanmar

Bagan, Burma:

Many travellers say their highlight of Myanmar was getting a hot air balloon over the Bagan Ruins at sunrise, undoubtedly, this is the best way to see their beauty. The stunning area of the country in Southeast Asia is scattered with towering temples that make you feel like Lara Croft on a mission to any tourists heaven.

4//Kuang Si Falls, Laos

Kuang Si Falls.:

From chasing temples to chasing waterfalls, this haven in Luang Prabang, Laos, is definitely a must see for backpackers. I’m actually planning a stop here in about 9 months time and can’t wait to swim in the stunning lagoons surrounded by jungle. The water cascades over 3 levels and after a hot trek up the mountain to this beautiful site the cool water will be a welcome treat.

5//Underwater Temple Garden, Pemuteran, Bali

marine-science: Tulamben diving - II-1030840 by Tras Nuevos Horizontes Underwater Temple at Coral Garden - Tulamben:

Of course Indonesia’s overland temples are an obvious must see but there are some beautiful sites lying right under your nose below the ocean surface in Bali. Buddha statues and temple archways were planted to the ocean floor for coral to grow from and it has created one of the most beautiful dive sites on the island.

6//Cichen Itza Pools, Yucatan, Mexico

Everything you desire:

The word cenote means ‘scared well’ and it becomes obvious why these secret pools of crystal turquoise water all around Mexico have been gifted such an appropriate name. The holes in the limestone reveal the most stunning swimming locations on the planet and were used by Mayans to communicate with the Gods. Anyone for a dip?

7//Kawasan Falls, Cebu, Philippines 

Kawasan Falls, The Philippines101 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part III):

Is anyone noticing a water theme here? Maybe the majority of my list involve getting your hair wet but who would deny that sites like these are sometimes the most stunning. Kawasan Falls aren’t as undiscovered as they used to be and are loved by backpackers worldwide but if you make the trek past the first falls all the way up to the third you may strike lucky and enjoy a peaceful swim in the cool waters.


Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland — by Kai Tong. One of the ice cave in Iceland. It was like a dream when I walked inside.:

Iceland has made an appearance in many travel bloggers destination lists lately and for good reason. From the epic waterfalls to the iconic northern lights the country is full of unreal locations. One in particular being the ice caves that form beautiful crystal caverns for exploring that you’ll never forget.

9//Kayangan Lake, Palawan, Philippines 

20 Incredibly Gorgeous and Underrated Travel Destinations | Sunday Chapter:

If you’ve ever seen a travel brochure for the Philippines chances are this shot made the front cover. The iconic clear waters of the lake on Coron island just off Palawan is what initially drew me to the area and I have already planned my visit there during my year away in 2017. After a steep stair climb the stunning blue waters of the lake are revealed. Ditch your belongings and swim in the waters whilst you take in the unreal views around you.

10//Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

#Bolivia #SalarDeUyuni I want to go here!!:

The world’s largest salt flat becomes the world’s largest mirror after rainfall. The stunning expanse of natural beauty is often overlooked by travelers but I couldn’t resist shouting about it on my list. Just imagine watching the reflection of the fluffy clouds pass by your mountain surroundings. Bellissimo!


There are some extraordinary sites around the world that often you would think were conjured up by a tech on Photoshop but you can never really appreciate the true beauty of them until you see them with your own eyes.

Have you been to any of the places on my list? Where is the most amazing place you have travelled?

Little Lottie.xo

4 thoughts on “Dreamy Travel Bucket List II – 10 Unreal Sites

  1. Adding these to my travel list!! They all look incredible



    1. They are jaw dropping aren’t they?! Maybe I will see you there!

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  2. these posts seriously make me want to pack up and jump on a plane 😀 x


    1. Haha! I had the same feeling writing them! Glad you liked it, sorry for the travel porn! X

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