My Dreamy Travel Bucket List

Travel bucket list

If you know me then you’ll know that I have a serious case of Wanderlust.

Wanderlust (n.) A strong desire or urge to wander, travel and explore the world.

I’ve had a few adventures in my time but am making an effort this year to fulfill my main aspiration in life and see more of the beautiful world! Next week marks the start of my independent travels as I’m jetting off to Thailand! I can’t wait and what better way to celebrate my departure than dream about my next destination?!

So sit back and enjoy the gorgeous, pin-worthy shots of the locations on my bucket list…

1//Palawan, Philippines

Google+ - El Nido, Palawan Philippines:

If the images of crystal clear waters, amazing corals, lush greenery and incredible views don’t make you want to explore the island of Palawan than I don’t think we can be friends. With some of the best scuba diving in the world and countless lagoons and hiking treks you are sure to spot something beautiful in your first five minutes.


The gate of Angkor Thom, Cambodia #Travel #Places #Photography:

You may notice that South East Asia and the entire continent holds a place in my heart and several spots on my bucket list. After visiting China and falling in love with the people, culture and beauty of the sights I couldn’t help but want to explore more. (hence the spontaneous trip to Thailand)

Cambodia is spotted with magnificent temples, diving spots and hikes that are jaw-droppingly phenomenal. The temples of Angkor, among others, would make my to do list. Not to mention the white sandy beaches. The history of the Country is shocking and well worth learning about.


Your Complete Travel Guide to Vietnam:

And Asia does it again with it’s emerald waters, jutting mountains and stunning islands. Vietnam is the picture of paradise, Ha Long Bay being top on my itinerary as one of the world’s natural wonders, which is plain to see from the photos. From the bustle of Hanoi to the tranquility of the rice fields, Vietnam is never short of providing a Tumbler worthy shot.


Tulum, Mexico - Jet Setter: The Coolest Honeymoon Destinations of 2014:

The incredible scenery of Mexico has made it high on my bucket list! From the ruins of Tulum to the Mystery of Las Pozas and the staircases to heaven hidden in the jungle, the Country is captivating on so many levels. And who doesn’t want to live on guac and nachos?!

5//Bali, Indonesia

Pura Lempuyang, Bali - I want to run these stairs like Rocky Balboa, I just don't know it I have the endurance:

The countless temples in unbelievable settings like floating rocks on the ocean is what drew me to Bali. It’s another one of Asia’s wonders filled with waterfalls, lush greenery and kind, gentle people. Of course it has it’s wild party side, which is totally okay with me…


Emerald Lake. Yoho National Park. Canada. Yet another gem. The landslide halos in this lake are beautiful.:

Canada is the FIRST cold place to make my bucket list but I couldn’t leave it off. The jaw dropping emerald lake is top of my must see list among Vancouver, Banff National Park & Toronto. The rocky hikes and snowy mountain tops make for an amazing trip that you will never forget.

7//Santorini, Greece

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Santorini is exactly what I picture when I think of old style Greece. White buildings, blue shutters, winding paths, boutiques and a deep blue sea. With bloggers everywhere writing about luxury hotel stays and posting pictures of themselves in infinity pools who wouldn’t want to stay here for some R&R?!


These locations are just a few on my bucket list along with California, the Bahamas and European cities like Amsterdam and Venice. The world is so big and beautiful, after all if we were supposed to stay in one place we would have roots instead of feet…

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Where was your last trip? Have you visited anywhere on my bucket list? Where would you recommend travelling?

Don’t forget to follow me to find out what I got up to in Thailand. See you on the other side!

Little Lottie.xo

11 thoughts on “My Dreamy Travel Bucket List

  1. Cham from Ph here. Good choice in putting Palawan in at the top of your list. It will be so worth it! I can help you when you decide to visit. 🙂


    1. Hey Cham! Palawan looks like what dreams are made of. I hope to visit the rest of Asia next year! That would be amazing, you are so kind 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. these all look so beautiful!


    1. It was so difficult looking through all these images and not just booking tickets to see them for myself! I’m glad you enjoyed drooling at them too x


  3. There are so many amazing places in the world!
    Bali is very high on my list, for the culture but also because I love to surf and it’s pretty much the best place in the world for that. I hope to make it to Canada one day too, and everywhere else if I’m honest!
    I hope you get to tick a few of these off your list soon,


    1. He Rory!
      Glad you enjoyed this week’s post. It’s so great that you surf, I tried it a few times but got stung and haven’t been back in since. I’d love to give it another go and I bet Asia has some pretty unbelievable beaches! Keep your eyes peeled for my Thailand post when I’m back. X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They do have some really good places to surf there, and the water is so warm that it would be a really nice change from the cold Atlantic that I’m used to!
        I look forward to reading all about your trip.


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