Been Ballin’ – 5 core exercises for a flat belly

fitness routine for flat belly

Lately I feel like I’m in good shape. Perhaps it’s because I’ve slowed down and haven’t been stressing out my body with constant high intensity cardio. I’ve introduced some strength training into my weekly fitness routine to ‘spice’ things up a little. I’m not the lightest or thinnest I’ve ever been but I’m feeling happy with my figure. That’s what is most important. It’s just as well seeing as I’m off to Thailand in a week… YAY

To get bikini ready I’ve been working out at home 5 days per week, sometimes 6 if I’m feeling extra keen. Rather than following my usual, holy grail Insanity workouts I’ve been doing circuits and introduced my new friend, the stability ball.

There are tons of core exercises you can do with your inflatable friend and here are a few of my ‘expert’ demonstrations to get you on the way to abtastic definition…


Pike Crunch

Just a pre warning. Unless you’re a yogi master it’s quite likely you will loose your balance and fall off the ball when you first try this one, I’m telling you from experience…

1) Start in a plank position with your shins resting on top of the ball. Keep your arms straight and wrists just wider than your shoulders.

crunch start

2)Without bending your knees pull the ball towards your body so your hips are up in the air. Keep the ball under your feet for a few seconds and then roll back to the plank position.

Pike crunch

It’s a tough one but models and experts swear by it. Try to do as many reps as you can.

Jackknife crunch

The jackknife is very similar to the pike crunch but you will need to bend your knees and pull them into your abs this time rather than keep legs straight. Easier said than done…

jackknife crunch

Pass off

You may have seen this move done with small weights or basketballs in the past but you can supersize it too!

1) Start off lying in a starfish position with the ball between your feet

2) Raise your legs straight in the air and reach up for the ballpass off (2)

3) Grab it with your hands and lower your body down to the starfish position, now with the ball in your hands.

pass off (1)

Congratulations, you’ve just done one rep. Now GIVE ME TEN!

Swiss ball crunch

This isn’t just your traditional crunch…

1) Lie back against the ball with your legs keeping you balanced

ab crunch 1

2) Now with your hands behind your head or reaching in front of you crunch up as far as you can. Repeat.

ab crunch 2

Declining push up

If like me you aren’t so gifted in the bicep department then give this one a whirl for a great upper body workout.

1) Rest your shins on the ball and have your arms straight under you, just wider than your shoulders (the plank position)

pushup 1

2)  Complete a slow push up and rise to the starting position. You can also hold a low plank with your shins on the ball for an extra challenge.

push up 2

After only 1 week of owning an exercise ball I’m enjoying my workouts much more! It certainly adds entertainment…

I’m by no means an expert and my form isn’t the best yet but if you would like some more inspiration on ab moves and stability ball fun check out my Pinterest fitness board here and give me a follow whilst you’re there.

Ab Stretch

Don’t forget to follow Little Lottie for more hilarious pictures of me on a ball with my bum in the air, I’m not making any promises…

What are your favourite ab or exercise moves? Do you use a ball?

Little Lottie. XO

2 thoughts on “Been Ballin’ – 5 core exercises for a flat belly

  1. Lovely post! So inspirational! I am now following you, so that can get inspired more often and hopefully get into shape with your great posts by my side 🙂

    Cylia -


    1. Thank you so much Cylia! That’s so sweet, I’m really happy to hear I could inspire you with my ‘killer’ moves haha! I will definitely follow you back, stay tuned for more workout posts. Let me know how you get on, I’m still falling off the ball daily 🙂 xx


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