5 healthy recipes to kick off the New Year

Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, that’s one valuable lesson I learnt in 2015. You can still enjoy Pizza, chocolate and ice cream… just in a more nontraditional way. So if you’re on a health kick this year then don’t be down, just use the healthy recipes below and keep enjoying your ‘cheat nights’ guilt free!

Healthy Pizza


When going plant based many people say they would miss pizza, admittedly the fat fueled treat did make a regular appearance in my pre-vegan days. The Dominoes app was regularly used, lets put it that way.

However you don’t have to miss out on the carby favourite if you’re on the health wagon this New Year. It’s all in the base, from cauliflower to pitta bread there are loads of alternatives far better for you than the traditional dough. My dairy, gluten free friendly pizza is made using tortilla wraps. I love topping it with tomato paste, hummus, spinach, tofu, mushrooms and loads of veggies. If you aren’t avoiding dairy go ahead and add a small helping of cheese but it’s plenty flavorful without.

One Pan Mexican Quinoa

Damn Delicious – One pan mexican quinoa bowl

My go to quick and easy week-night dinner keeps me from straying to junky convenience meals and is super tasty. This quick and simple meal is really filling and easily changeable. I like adding sweet potato and plenty of broccoli to beef it up, not literally, I am vegetarian after all. Thank you Damn Delicious for inspiring me once again.

Sweet Potato Curry


Curry is actually really good for you when it isn’t from the local take-out, and why would you spend all that money when it’s so easy to make! My favourite is sweet potato, chickpea and spinach. A combo made in heaven. All combined with scrummy coconut milk.

Yes – coconut milk is fatty but those healthy fats are proven to be beneficial for female hormones which in turn stop sending our sugar levels out of control and keep stress levels low. You can get ‘light’ coconut milk in most supermarkets if you’re concerned about fat intake. Good ol’ Jamie Oliver has created a delicious recipe which I simplify by using curry powder and pre-cut herbs.



Pancakes are a great weekend breakfast treat but not when made with white flour which highers blood sugar levels and dairy milk which contains synthetic hormones. I prefer the plant based option made using JUST oats, almond milk and 1 banana. The flavour is amazing and is a much healthier option to the traditional recipe.

Check out my post on how I make my plantcakes with a side of berry nicecream.


Greek Quesadillas from Scrummy Lane’s Blog

Another awesome way to use tortillas is making quesadillas. This is a meal that really feels like you’re eating junk food but it’s totally guilt free if you do it right.

I’ve been in love with vegan quesadillas since devouring one quicker than you can say ‘mexican’ at The Secret Garden cafe. Stuff your tortilla with whatever veggies you like. Mushroom and spinach are my favourite combo. Find a inspirational recipe here.

Healthy eating can be really tasty, easy and nourishing so get on the clean eating wagon and enjoy food without worry.

If you’re getting fit this New Year leave me a comment.

Little Lottie. xo

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