Overindulgence – Post Christmas Fitness

If you’ve overindulged this Christmas on one too many treats then this post is just what you need. I’ve certainly been tucking into these scrummy Cocoa Libre dairy free chocolate penguins.


It’s important to remember that not everyone is lucky enough to have tucked into a Christmas day feast or have a warm home and family to share a few drinks with or to be spoilt with everything on their wishlist, let’s do our bit for them this year too. 

Let’s face it, 2015 isn’t over yet and there will be more treats flowing into our bellies over the course of New Year so instead of committing to a gym membership, going on cold winter runs or doing a temporary diet that will crash and burn come 2016 focus on a realistic everyday exercise that will work off those cheeky festive treats.

One YouTube channel that’s been helping me do exactly that is XHIT Daily. They have TONS of videos to choose from, ranging in time and body concern. I particularly like to mix up some cardio with an ab routine to create an ultimate 30 minute workout, check out my go-to videos below;


How to Burn 150 Calories in 8 Minutes: This short video is a great warm up and a brilliant way to start off any workout. Even if you did this video alone daily you know that you’re working off those unwanted calories.

7 Minute Intense Cardio Workout: I regularly follow the above video with this one to work up a good sweat and keep my heart rate high to extend the ‘afterburn’ effect (burning calories after the workout).

10 Minute High Intensity Workout: Over the Christmas period we like to relax, wind down and make the most of our family being around us. I don’t often have the heart to face my usual 45 minute high intensity Insanity workout so a 10 minute fix is ideal.

10 Minute Abs: I love tagging this on the end of any workout to put some focus on trimming down my waist and toning up the festive flab. It’s just the right length of focus to give you the burning sensation that makes you sure it’s working.

Short videos have been helping me keep form

So avoid the fad diets and expensive gym memberships, put yourself first and add a video or two into your morning routine to boost your confidence and start 2016 with positive vibes.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas filled with love and laughter, may it continue into the New Year.

Little Lottie.xo


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