Winter Beauty – Oils that fix everything


The wondrous world of oils scares people because of the stereotypical ‘greasiness’ that pops into you head, and that is the last thing you’d want to smother all over yourself. I used to be like you until I went natural with my cosmetics, now I turn to oil for most of my problems.

Yes, your regular cooking oil isn’t going to be the best hair treatment but here is how my stash of oils has been helping me through the dry winter days.

Argan Oil

Hair tends to be on the dry, frizzy side during cold winter days and a few drops of this magical oil can go a long way to tame fly aways and nourish your ends at the same time. Using a few drops daily has really helped my hair grown but be careful not to go too heavy or it will be very noticeable.


Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is known for being a great facial moisturiser. Unfortunately this doesn’t do much for my skin but it makes an amazing makeup remover. This oil is quite thin and washes off easily without leaving your skin greasy as it’s the most similar oil to what our skin’s naturally produces; sebum. Don’t spend tons of money on an oil cleanser or makeup remover just buy a bottle of this for around £5 and it lasts much longer without irritating your eyes or skin!


Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is often added to cosmetics like lib balm and moisturisers but in such small doses that it won’t benefit you much at all. The pure stuff is great for fading scars, healing cuts and preventing razor bumps. I use mine post shave with a little aloe vera gel for super soft legs that look flawless, not that I will be getting them out much in this weather!


Coconut Oil

Well there is no need to go into too much depth about this wonder oil. Everybody and their mum uses it. And why wouldn’t they?! I keep a jar in my kitchen and a jar in my bathroom. One for frying veggies and adding to baking, the other for a post shower body moisturiser, deep conditioning hair treatment and overall problem fixer. It has helped my summer tan last much longer than usual and stopped any sunburn peeling during those warmer days.


These are my staple oils that always have a place on the shelf and always will. They are a single ingredient, holy grail product and I purchase all of mine from Amazon for under £10. Always make sure your oils are organic, cold pressed and have no added ingredients to preserve all there niceness.

What’s your staple natural beauty product?

Little Lottie.xo


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