Is Veganism the new trend? & Cornwall Vegan Festival treats

Since becoming Vegan in May I have noticed the lifestyle becoming extremely popular. Perhaps I didn’t start the ‘trend’ but YouTube stars like Essena O’Neil and Naturally Stefanie certainly helped up the profile of veganism. Stars like Beyonce, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Liam Hemsworth and J-Lo also put their health and figures down to a plant based diet.


Many nutritionists are recommending a vegan diet as the healthiest way to live. We need to go back to basics to help our bodies heal from all the processed cr*p and refined sugar in modern day food. Personally I’ve never felt better and although you might think you will miss chocolate and cheese there are so many vegan alternatives that are good for you so you can eat even more of it!

Just check out my plant based recipes for delicious proof;

Athletes like Mike Tyson and the world bodybuilding champion Kenneth Williams are beating the stigma around the lifestyle lacking in protein and calcium and make the diet more appealing to men that are worried about losing muscle.


Veganism isn’t big where I live. Cornwall is full of farms that survive by producing meat, eggs, dairy and animal products. Although I wouldn’t want people’s livelihoods to be taken away we are doing that to animals every day, which is why I was so shocked to find there was a Vegan Festival happening on my doorstep!


The festival was really busy and it was amazing to see how many vegans there are in the most unexpected of places.  Well known businesses like Lush Cosmetics and Archie Browns had a stand but one local company which stood out for me was Pura Pressed. A lot of dairy and meat free products tend to contain added salt, sugar and random chemicals that add ‘flavour’ but vegan food is tasty enough without all that so Pura Pressed don’t use ANY nasty additives in their products and have an amazing range of soups, juices, smoothies and snacks.


They combined their own recipe Almond Mylk with Food of the Gods raw chocolate and made a scrummy hot chocolate which I drank faster than I could take a photo.

Their Super Greens juice is great for on the go and can be ordered in weekly packs to help improve health and give you luscious hair and skin over time.


My favourite treat was of course their nutty vegan brownies, topped with goji berries and only sweetened with natural sugars they are totally guilt free and good for your beautiful body. It’s safe to say they were gone pretty quickly and easily prove that chocolate can be enjoyed just as much when you’re vegan.



Check out Pura Pressed and their range of yummy natural products and let me know your favourite healthy goodies in the comments.

Little Lottie.XO


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