November Favourites

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Hold on. It’s flipping December on Tuesday! That means November favourites time but also CHRISTMAS! I feel like Will Farrell in Elf this year because my Festive cheer is through the roof. Who’s with me?

Screw bah humbug, 2015 has been magnificent and I can’t wait to celebrate our first crimbo with the latest addition to our family. My little niece will be 6 months old and may be more interested in the wrapping than her gifts but even so, she will bring back the childhood magic.

So without further ado, the last favourites post before Christmas! Eek.

Book of the month: The Lie

I’m not a great reader, books have to be thrilling to grab me. The Hunger Games trilogy and Divergent series are among my favourite gripping books of all time.

This month however I couldn’t put ‘The Lie’ down. It is based around a troubled group of four girlfriends who venture to Nepal for the ‘holiday of a lifetime’ only for their time there to unravel into chaos. I highly recommend you give this a read if you’re into thrillers, just don’t do it if you’re off on a girly holiday anytime soon.

Film of the month: Mockingjay Part 2

Ever since reading The Hunger Games 4 years ago Katniss and her story has held a place in my heart. It is totally relatable, especially with everything that’s going on around the world at the moment.

Jennifer Laurence and Josh Hutcherson play the unfortunate couple amazingly together and I couldn’t fault the film. It stayed true to the book and didn’t disappoint, despite some blogger reviews. There were a lot of tears whilst my sister and I watched this, clutching each other’s hands in preparation for what we knew was coming. I’m so sad the journey is over. Just watch it is all I can say.

Foodie Favourite: Chocolate spread

This isn’t just any Chocolate spread. I have just discovered the Tesco Finest 30% dark chocolate spread which is dairy free and vegan! It isn’t all that healthy but is so rich and delicious. I love adding it to my morning oatmeal and pancakes.


Beauty Favourite: Caveman regime

Inspired by my sisters laziness I decided to try out the caveman regime. It’s loved by natural beauty gurus and basically means you do nothing to your face. Usually I’d hate this idea, I’m a fan of skincare and don’t like to go out without a bit of concealer because of hyper pigmentation but my skin has been so temperamental lately I thought what else is left to try other than do nothing.

I eat little to no refined sugar and my diet is full of veggies, fruits and healthy fats. I workout 5 times per week and take vitamins to boost any low levels I may have. I’m pretty much the healthiest person I know but my sister who eats junk, doesn’t wash her face and sleeps in her makeup has absolutely flawless skin.

I’ve had a week off work and it seemed the perfect opportunity to put the caveman routine to the test, although I haven’t done the hardcore version where you don’t even let water touch your face. I’ve avoided makeup and when I have worn a bit of mineral concealer I remove it with some jojoba oil and a hot cloth. That’s it. That’s the extent of my skincare. The only time I wash my face is if I’ve worn makeup and my skin is much less irritated and red. I hope the success continues because I’m in love with the idea of crashing at a friends and travelling without having to pack my entire bathroom.

Give it a go, you’ve got nothing to loose. Think of the money and time you’ll save!


Fashion Favourite: Knee high boots

The winter weather has arrived and I’m whipping out the attire to match. Layers, tartan scarves and knee high boots are my favourite go to outfit. The sexy statement boots are definitely ‘in’ this winter and I’m in love with my new black pair from Missguided. I’ve been pairing them with trousers and leggings to smarten up an outfit but I think they’d look great with tights and shirt dresses.

Being only 5ft 2″ I didn’t think I could pull off a tall style but these elasticated beauties are a perfect fit and don’t swamp my tiny legs. Give them a go this season and I promise you won’t regret it.



What were your favourites this month? Let me know if you try any of mine out and I hope you love them as much as I do.

Little Lottie. XO


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